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  • et server ftp back up the host had some issues should be all fixed now

The new pk.3's

Heloo everyone,

just wondering since the new server has gone up, for some reason, sometimes i can conect and other i cant because it

attempts to downloa the rhino.pk3? and then my et automaticaly shuts down.

Which is frustrating and when i try download it off the site it says something like " you software is unable to download this

file" ?

and another thing, wen i download baserance from the site, wen i go to extraxt all from the zipped file, it asks for a password ?

Black Racoon

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Its appearing that the file is malformed. We are fixing it as I type this. Hopefully you wil have better luck when you reconnect next time :).

Kind Regards, BR


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Malformed?? That's a new description for a corrupt file, sounds more like a love child between cousins :lol: :lol: