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The new pk.3's

Heloo everyone,

just wondering since the new server has gone up, for some reason, sometimes i can conect and other i cant because it

attempts to downloa the rhino.pk3? and then my et automaticaly shuts down.

Which is frustrating and when i try download it off the site it says something like " you software is unable to download this

file" ?

and another thing, wen i download baserance from the site, wen i go to extraxt all from the zipped file, it asks for a password ?

Black Racoon

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Its appearing that the file is malformed. We are fixing it as I type this. Hopefully you wil have better luck when you reconnect next time :).

Kind Regards, BR


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Malformed?? That's a new description for a corrupt file, sounds more like a love child between cousins :lol: :lol: