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there's nothin like watching things go CRASH


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In all honesty, it's sickening how they'd rather record than try to help...

And she made it into a Vlog too... How sweet.


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How do you suggest they get a fair few tonnes of truck off a road from in front of the train Sinderly?

Sit back and not get killed is the safest option.


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We (my husband, David, his father, John Schulze, and me, Juanita as in Holy Mother of Moo Moo! -- No, I am not a member of a moo moo religion) were sitting at a train track today on our way from West Monroe, LA to Memphis when we notice a tractor trailer with a crane stuck on the train tracks. Then the train crossing lights came on and I grabbed the camera as the train smashed into the crane. We are getting a lot of comments about how we should have called 911 instead of filming.

There was no need as we were sitting right in front of the police station. They heard the crash and came out. Just who folks think we should have rescued is beyond us. The engineers were inside the engine and had to be cut out. The truck driver was out and on the other side of the tracks. There were no passengers on the train...it was not a passenger train. By the time we were able to go around the train and get to the other side, the police were over there and the driver of the truck was there as well. He is fine but we understand that the train engineers were in pretty bad shape.

At the time of the crash, we were in shock and I had no idea what had come out of my mouth until I played the video back....you just don't know how you will react to tragedy that unfolds right before your eyes until it happens. We were told by the man on the sidewalk, as you can see and hear on the video, to leave as there were chemicals coming out. Also, we had no tools to cut the men out of the train...We happened to leave those at home. The police were there, I just did not film them. We let a policeman know we had video and he did not care and waved us on our way.

We were in line to go over the tracks with a truck in front of us and a truck behind us and then we realized the big rig was stuck on the tracks and the lights immediately came on. We could not leave until the guy behind us moved and the guy in front of us moved. I did not have my seatbelt off. I had it on because we were traveling. We could not back up because other vehicles were back there so we had to go forward to get away from the gas. We did not know what it was. The truck was on the other side of the tracks, along with the driver, prior to the train hitting him.

When we finally got around the long train, we went over to the accident site and the driver was there, safe. The police were there handling everything and the train crew had to be cut. There was nothing we could have done and again, we were told to leave when the accident first happened. Later, the police chief sent us an email thanking us for putting up the video.