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Unban penguin


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tl, dr
I made a mistake, (again) so pengs ban is to be removed.

We've got a good range of players, some pros, some regs and some cannon fodder, together we make an alright bunch who can be hard to balanced and hard to moderate. Some of us are here to blow off steam others to play, this should all be fine within our small set of rules - don't be a dick and don't cheat.

As it turns out, being very good at the game doesn't actually equal cheating nor should it earn you a ban, just because you're better than the rest (sorry peng, joker ~ others). So there has been an overly long discussion on whether or not penguin cheats/hacks/whatever and essentially it came to nothing as everyone was either on the fence or saying no, so when asked the other day if we've made up our minds, I said ban because I was sick of the situation ~ ie wrong way to handle that.

We have no proof of penguin haxing sooo yea, ban isn't fair.


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The video of him tracking a flying enemy through a wall and through the air is as obvious as you can be. I'd love to hear the explanation behind that one. Maybe the mouse got stuck?
Also while on the issue as much as baiting other we should be muting equally and maybe with a bit more freedom to move as they troll equally and then goad players and admins into doing something about it so I suggest we just mute with prejudice for any comment that has bad character


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He isn't hacking. God knows how many bans I've given for hacking, but KFC isn't a hacker. Or if he is, he is smart enough to raise sufficient doubt. Let's drop this aspect yeah?


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As TC said how do you explain his tracking of that enemy through the air? Im not saying he is hacking because im no expert but that looks very sus.
Lol Pengu doesn't hack
known him for years and he has always been a haxer and been banned from more servers than you think.
Have a read of his old blog and tell me he dosent hax. Be quick cause when he sees this and remembers its still up he will remove it
So which one is it?

Also, the guy has a blog with 45 separate links to cheats! Doesn't exactly help his cause, does it?
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Not to sound one sided, but how do you prove the blog is actually his? :S
Anyone could have made it with that name. Literally anyone.


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Fair enough. It does seem a bit silly to me to be the middle of all this trouble to then come back and troll with no recoil sniping (whether it's glitching/macro/script/settings/whatever as an aid). Pengu is certainly not the worst example in a decade of examples, he actually seems like a decent guy, but is there a correlation between how good you get at a game and how much of a dick you are (and how little you want to contribute to the enjoyment of the other players on the server)?

Maybe there are others, but blusky seems to be the only one that comes to mind who would actually put the server first. (consistently)

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