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Warhammer 40k: Dawn Of War II


I just got it and im loving it i would love to have a game with someone anyone play?

Story is really good and Space Marines FTW! :flamer:

Black Racoon

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I admit I do own it.. as well as Dragon age: origins.... Best thingsa bout it.. THere was a brothel, choose men or ladies, so naturally i chose the men, and I was hovering my cursor across seeing each one until there was suddenly a blank spot over my mouse. I looked down and due to the dwarfs height I had to scale my mouse down a bit. Yes, I chose the dwarf, what a fine selection :)

Only played it a bit so farr (DOW 2), I hoep to play much more soon.

Cheers, BR


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OH OH FINALLY Br is too lazy to play with me we should play some time i was heaps pro at Dark crusade and Dow2 is rather awesome ;D
and btw 2player Campaign is omg amazing add me on steam Johnnys93
i'd be glad to play with ya btw


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Yuh same.. cept no tabletop ;D what was your ign on Dc i might have known ya and me and you should play some time as well :p it'd be fun kicking your ass


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dud you only just got that now ? i had it since it came out special edition too :p i have 2 of all dow lol but if you like that try company of heroes:tales of valour its pretty awesome too


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i added ya furry phatbass85 for anyone else who wants to add me i have a friend who has it so 1 more we can get a 2v2 happening