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  • et server ftp back up the host had some issues should be all fixed now

Passed WASSUP ALL! I want to join you sexy peoples!

Hello, I am "ThisGuy" I was a regular ages ago at my old house, new computer and I had a dream about et
OZ server ofcourse "wink wink"
I would love to join the clan so I can put on the tags, please and thank you!
(skills are still rusty)
<3 <3 <3
Hi, My name is Arron (parents are shit at spelling, I do not mind its uniqe), I work at a salvage yard. I currently play under the alias ‘ThisGuy’ been about 7-9 years since I last played, forgot name.

I play lacrosse (as an addiction)

I love fruit salad, I am a sports person, natural athlete (has nothing to do with et but it is what came to mind, I am a honest person, I like to talk a little sh*t (in a joking way)

I would say that, Counter-Strike GO on the PC, borderlands on xbox 360, I hate xbox one because you have to download the sh*t, I own xbox one, ps3 and a laptop.

Do you own a microphone?(No)
saw you had to do some thing like this so there it is :D thanks