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Wednesday Night (new plan)

7 League Boots

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so, new plan (!). -- Wednesday night --

Fredo may well be there.

me, tEDDLES, for sure. ... some others?

I write this to invite other people to the party.

7 League Boots

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Thank you for taking the time to say.

We can work out the best times per week.
Wednesday and Saturday so far.

Everything is up in the air.
I'll be there both days for like a couple hours.
We will see who can be here.

If we can find a day or two every week.
Of course it will take some time and effort.
And some of us have lives and commitments of course.

Not all of us are chimney sweeps like me.
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7 League Boots

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It's ok, apparently Fredo failed to turn up (I think).

But hey, I totally failed to turn up too, sooo. No harm no foul.

Let's build something around the Saturday idea,

and we will see about Wednesday, as time carries on.

7 League Boots

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Didn’t I just support that and add in that we can also random play?
Yes I totally agree, sorry.

- it's just bloody matilda claimed that Fredo would be here on a wednesday.
- and then bloody boots failed to be here on wednesday (last week).
- and apparently no-one was there anwyay.
Right Horus. As and when we can be there -- But RE random play --
I don't think there's enough ppl to support random drop in & play.
- Hence my attempts to arrange regular times -
Of course, our Lives go how they go. No harm no foul.

7 League Boots

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Well there’s players on and off all the time so yeah…
All good.

What I mean to say is:
If I had the time, I'd hang out for two hours every day, in the hope people might randomly pop by.
I just don't have the time to do that right now.

I am very happy to arrange times.
But I can't hang out daily in a dead server in the hope that a couple people might turn up.
Don't get me wrong: in an ideal world, I would like to do that.
But we don't live in an ideal world, right.

But hey, all good, no worries,
Random play as and when you want is also entirely acceptable too.



7 League Boots

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Maybe what you meant is like

'ppl drop in when they can, and then it's an organic thing
and it becomes obvious when people are around on certain days,
and then we organically play at times other ppl are there'

Yes ofc, that would be nice if that could happen.
But personally I have zero interest in playing with bots,
I'm not gonna hang around in the hope that ppl might turn up.

Not unless we've set aside certain days as a group.
EG sat, weds, I'll hang around for an hour or two.
Or any other days people might care to suggest too.

I hope this makes sense?