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What can be done??


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Hello fellow gamer legends. I would like to put out a serious question(although it may not sound like one)
So, everyone knows that we all like to give Zulu a bit of a troll.. Lets face it, it is hilarious. But it can also get annoying for all involved ie trollers and trollees. Tonight I was pewpewing around having some fun not saying a word until i saw 'Zulu' connected and I thought shit here we go and I told myself 5 minutes before he goes on about me cheating. It took about 25 seconds and him dying 3 times. I kept quiet for the first part but I just couldn't contain myself for much longer and I had to give him the usual story that NO my friend I do not cheat you are just nowhere near as good as you think you are etc etc we all know how that goes. He then continued to say that it was an advantage for me that I have a shitty old useless pc that takes 20 minutes to start and barely runs microsoft office let alone ET and that the lag was aiding me in killing him. After that he got killed a bit more and started saying he was lagging but unlike my lag which helped me his lag was hindering his performance.
Since being honest with him and telling him that not everyone who kills him is a cheater and he is not the best player in the history of the game is useless, my question is can we as a community do something to either keep him and his dribble a little more on the downlow. I would even be willing to give the guy some ET lessons if someone was to pay for me flights and accommodation to whatever cave it is he lives in.
In all seriousness tho, the novelty factor is starting to wear down and him going on the way he does, I feel is starting to drain the server emotionally. Maybe OZ can make the etpro server that isn't in use a private server for Zulu only to go on and play against bots? If we could all throw up some suggestions as to what can be done to help this poor deluded man that would be swell!


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:beaver: Don't worry about, looks like theres a bit of trolling both ways going here haha
remember the old chinese saying
"Man who wait on mountain for roasted duck to fly into his mouth will wait long time"
:beaver: remember the old chinese saying
"Man who wait on mountain for roasted duck to fly into his mouth will wait long time"
Although in an infinite universe, or in a multiverse, or just plain quantum entanglement, one day that will happen. It may be tomorrow, or a billion years ... :cat:
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caeks here! sorry cake late. got stuck on teh bus next to big old fat woman who seemed to fart then breath it in and the farts come out again. it like vicious cycle.
anyway cake here to solve all drama problems.

cake has teh solution.

zulu an covert should fight in RL. cake taking in bets. cmon try ur luck. maybe u get lucky. cake take 10% of all winnings.


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Zulu weighs over 100 kg. Apparently that means he beats us all up.

Covert's lag script might edge this one out though, too slippery for Zulu's fat fingers.