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What games are you playing now


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Yeah, teams are determined by a bot and balanced, all done through discord :)
Only time they are hand picked is during draft cups


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Play the odd single player game from time to time. Having a go at doom eternal at the moment.

But nothing will ever compare to prime ET. Even though OZ's prime was way past the game's competitive prime, still was so much fun. The community, drama and laughs were lightning in a bottle from about 08 when I started to around 2012. It started to get steadily worse as the number of players dropped.

Overall though, ET is a special game, conceptually simple and yet so dynamic at the same time...


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I am of the same opinion. The community made the game special, all the characters with the types of servers software allowed for a dynamic that I haven't seen before.

Yeah it's a game and although there are a few servers left, it's old mates playing now rather than people with a new toy joining and learning.

But it was fun.

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Far Cry 6 - turn off the player assists and crank the difficulty up from the default, and then it's a not too shabby FPS with a good single player campaign ...

Forza Horizon 5 if you're into real-feel driver sims. Drive a McLaren down the expressway @ 430kph and also the closest I'll get to driving a Lambo. There's not much variety as far as where to drive, after all Mexico is nearly all desert. Forza 3 & 4 had heaps more variety, but nowhere as good car simulation and feel as the new release.

Also Rider's Republic for some mental multi-player that's not a FPS.