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  • et server ftp back up the host had some issues should be all fixed now

Where's the derpbox?????????


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There was a few perms and stuff that i still need to do befor every thing is up and running properly also it is up the top of evey page now :)
Is it just me, but when I click on chat Archive and derpbox show up - I can click on archive and it takes me to the archive section - click on derpbox and nothing happens (also derpbox does not get underlined to indicate it is a link?) (also also the same happens if I click on the the chat dropdown arrow) -

ps if it's still a work in progress tell me and I'll shaddup :)

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Nah still no go. If I click on archive and then delete /archive in the URL address bar and replace it with /derpbox I get this -
(that is assuming archive and derpbox live together in the /chat directory).

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I can't work out where to type "/join derpbox" , it only gives the option to start a private convo. Also whilst the dropdown menu under chat does list archive & derpbox, the former doesnt have anything on the page, and the latter option can't be clicked on, for me at least.

tbh I did prefer the more old fashioned layout of the forum before, probably it'll just take some getting used to.
I'm not really up to speed with smart phones, or any social media, so maybe this is why.

It's good to see that the website admins are maintaining the site (& server) of course. It already seems more accessible to write/edit posts.

but come and play ET a bit!
if you have the time.


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I think the view archives permission needs to given. Bonus no more need for the thread script.

The url is http://overzealousgamers.com/chat regardless of room

Unfortunately we had to upgrade as things have been broken for quite some time, and annoyingly old derpbox plugin appears to have ceased development.


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Registered should now be able to see archive & report messages.

No need to be typing slashes in, should justbe links/buttons
the /join and other commands are listed on the Help menu, next to Options menu, 2 icons at top right of chat box.
no idea what to do with them though.

basically I have no idea how to make it work xd - maybe it's because it's not fully sorted yet.
I hope this info helps.
I imagine the chat thing is teething issues, hope it isn't a lot of work to sort out.

Also, ignore my own personal problems with modernity lol.
It did seem a bit broken before, and now it does seem easier to write and edit posts for a start.