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World change, economy!


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The OZ minecraft server at the moment is a little broken, the owners, moderators and admins have been focusing too much on playing and not enough time focusing on what is actually going on, right now, we know that the enconomy system is way too broken for the older players, the difference between new players and older players is too great, unlimited diamonds, unlimited TNT, older players being able to raid any base without being raided themselves. It's just gotten to the stage where it's impossible for new players to enjoy the PvP world.

We're coming up with new and inventive ways to populate the PvP server and to make it so you have to work towards items and PvP equipemnt. All suggestions will be trialed and whatnot, we will consider everything that is thrown at us!

A few suggestions that the community has come up with

* Completly reset OZ PvP world and player invontories.
* Player owned shops
* No spawners (I'm sure whole server will agree)
* Dynamic shop, prices raise and drop due to buy and sell rates.
* Remove OZ Shop
* Obsidian destroyable
* Donation items nerf'd (done)
* More plugins for donators
* World size to be set between 5,000 and 10,000 for maximum PvP
* Chest bank open to all members
* Staff dedicated roles, ie. Shop Mod, PvP Mod, Hunger games mod, general mod.
* MCMMO skills reset. (Ruled out, I believe)
* Public chat log and command log (Public and staff accesable)
* Custom prebuilt maps for PvP (interesting concept)
* Encourage more PvP based members, Hardcore PvP's and whatnot
* More reward systems, custom events, mini games, something that will make the server unique to other servers.
* Chests can be accessed through faction protection
*iConomy reset

More suggestions, I will keep this updated!

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OMG I have so many ideas!!!
1. We completely reset the world so everyone is equal.
2. Everyone gets to keep one inventory.
3. We open the bank to everyone.
4. We merge worlds so everyone gets to keep their stuff but just a new world.
5. Sorry dale. Close the store and put the economy into the players hands.


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Here are my ideas.

1. No OZ Shop.
2. Faction/Person owned shops - Shops themselves are set out in a safezone in spawn where the shops themselves are rented out for a weekly fee.
3. TNT only crafted by killing creepers/mining gravel. <------ Same here
4. No Spawners - None so you cant abuse the level system <------ Only gets xp up/ No creepers
5. Hard Reset - Wipe the map completely.
6. Admins/Mods must be more responsible i.e no spawning items because it gives them an unfair advantage.
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My suggestions

we need a COMPLETE map and COMPLETE economy reset

That means, all mcmmo skills, all cash, all items, every single thing. Right now, lots of players have infinite ammounts of diamonds, and cash. I'm currently sitting on 6 stacks of diamond blocks, and 500k cash. Compare me to a new player, who has iron armour diamond tools, he will not able to catch up to me, and because of this i will dominate him on the server. A complete map reset will ensure equality, and a way for people to get a greater control, and things will not snowball like they have on this map.

For the economy, i propose a more realistic player based economy. It is proabably just me, but i dislike having every single thing avaliable at such a low cost. People should have to work for their items, or if they want to buy, it should be at the expense of another player doing the grind and getting the items thereselves. The spawnshop should be replaced with market stalls, where player can purchase say 8 doublechests of space, so 8 items in a chestshop, for xxx ammount of days for xxx ammount of money, and if they are selling at the right price, keeping things in stock they will make a profit, hopefully making the server more legitment, and more hardcore.

I also think that the only thing spawn should be buying, is something like gold ingot. Because gold has no really worth in pvp, or construction, it is a good "currency" of sorts, that spawn would buy for xxx ammount of cash, that will then fuel the economy. This will also fix the glitch where people could get endless ammounts of money, form mistakes in spawn.


Donors would lose there benifits upon a hard reset, so it shouldnt happen?

Yes, donors would lose the 'items' that they purchased, but I propose that donors should no longer get items, you donate to help the server, you don't donate for the godsword, Donor perks such as mob-rider and mob disguise will still be active, and i also suggest that upon donating you get xxx ammount of days free rent in the marketstalls.

People could use the chestshops at spawn to keep there items, selling air for 9999999999999999 ammout of coins. How could we prevent this?

As long as moderators and admins actively check that no-one is doing this there will not be a problem, players can be punished with warnings, jail and even have there items taken from the chest if they use this as a way for protection.

Should we have banks?

No, we want this to be a pvp server with greifing allowed, there would be no point for factions if everyone could store there most valuable items at spawn, with 100% protection, at the very least this should require large ammounts of in-game money, or even real-life money.

This is just my opinion, but if you have any questions or arguments post them below.

EDIT: This does not need to happen now, but it NEEDS to be fixed sooner or later.

TLDR;Complete Reset of EVERYTHING, Playerbase economy, with misc item as fuel, donors should not be given items, but perks instead tnt needs to be rarer, as does spawners.
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I also 100% agree with Spacks,

There should not be any easy way to get TNT, there should not be any easy way to get Obsidian, you should not be allowed to change spawners, or in a perfect world, even allowed to buy them and place them where you want, they provide waaayy to many positives, and are over-powered.

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I also 100% agree with Spacks,

There should not be any easy way to get TNT, there should not be any easy way to get Obsidian, you should not be allowed to change spawners, or in a perfect world, even allowed to buy them and place them where you want, they provide waaayy to many positives, and are over-powered.
I completely agree here, no spawners.

Also I believe that donators should not recieve so many items to put them no.1 ahead in the game. This wrecks the economy and it also wrecks the entire PVP world due to the overpowering items you get. Look at this way if you donate you get so many items/exerpeince and money that you can make a full set of diamond armor, have a god sword enchant all your armour with protection four, build a fore-tress of obsidian and while having all this being able to have the extra perks like mob disguise.

In regards to the shop, it was great to start out until the donators got 1000000000 $ when donating. This has caused issues so that shop prices aren't really anything.. people can just walk around and decide "OBSIDIAN FORETRES HERE I COME!!!" It should be extremely hard to do that. So there should be no obsidian allowed in the shop. There should be only a few items in the place such as wood or dirt or iron e.t.c But certainly no OP Materials i.e Obsidian.

In terms of the world resetting, I think two things should occur here.

1. The world size should be reduced greatly based on our max player count to 6000 diamater so 3000 radius.
2. The world should reset there are a huge amount of chunk errors currently also, not to mention ores a getting low.. (maybe).

I also think that hunger games should have no affect with mcmmo, so that it's purely based on skill of PVP fighting, no skills e.t.c


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regarding peoples money there is not much point in reseting it because most of the people don't have that much in the database

to be quite honest admins have the most cash of them all atm this is only to help pay people when and if the donation money does not go through properly then the it dwindles into the thousands for members

world reset will open the chest bank to members for 5 items they cherish then all reset
make new world and port spawn into it? or the old castle
i agree with br no obsidian in shop find it and dig it up and mcmmo skills not in hg :D


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I've worked hard on that shop and spent many hours, (More than i would like to say) trying to achieve a balance but if you guys want to restart or completely remove it all that's fine by me. I don't care if we don't have a shop or anything i just want this to be a nice balanced server without the hassles of unbalanced players, donators and the like. Just make sure the decision you guys make is the right one because It would be a shame to comeback in a few months time to do the same thing :)
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I'm thinking, whatever the result, it shouldnt happen untill atleast another month, there is nothing that is 100% broken on the server, just things that are going to be soon.


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Personally i think we should keep the OZ shop, unable skills in the hungergames and not let factions be peacefull in the pvp world
[since that would cause confusion and then everyone would want to be peacefull].
Resetting the skills isn't really something i'm looking forward to but it might help the server.
I do think that if you reset the money and diamonds half the server will rage,
so i'm not sure if that is the brightest idea but in the end it would probably be worth it since it'd make things fair.
The thing with resetting things to stay fair is that you'll end up having to do it again every once in a while,
people might get used to having their things reset so that could work out right.


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1. Tnt and obsidian should not be easy to access. Eg no spawners, not sold at shop
2. Reset currency and start with a default 10k
3. Like what instx said the bank should be open to everyone ! (:
4. Prices slightly lowered.


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I agree will cryptic <3, We need to reset everything when the new update comes out. Also I really don't think people are going to donate to keep the server up. Malawold and dale probably would but if I came on the server I wouldn't.


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@Melon I do like your idea about ranks, but that would probably require more staff, and we don't want more staff untill we have players, right now our staff consists of 2 owners, 3 admins and 6 moderators to my count, so if we spread it out so that while they focus on something they can manages other things as well it will work. It will be nice to have people focus on things, as I have noticed that the staff (me included) have been a bit unfocused. Giving people certain areas to manage will make the staff's job easier.

@Melon + Tess I don't think that mcmmo skills should be reset, because if you are going to reset it now, then what is the point of even having mcmmo? Most of us have only really started training the last 2 weeks, so by your reset rate, no-one will ever get past 700 in any mcmmo skill. However I am strongly for the reset of mcmmo skills, if the map is reset, and if everything else is reset. As i said, i would prefer a Hard reset.

@Cryptic + Pickle I agree with resetting everything, including and especially Cash, the cash + our ammounts of materials have rendered the pvp map broken. With a fresh reset, everything should be done 100% legitly, not snow-balling out of control.

@Pickle + Melon I agree that donating will not work on the server if there is no reward, but items are to over-powered, as i have written in my big wall of text, i suggest more interactive commands and perhaps other perks (free shop rent... bank? ect.) Items are to op, and if we reset the map, then again things will snowball out of control.

@Melon IMHO an Oz Shop will on work if the prices are set at ridiculously high levels, and you can only make minimal ammounts of money from it. The biggest thing about the Oz Shop is that it has endless stock. how will players be able to compete with an infinite and available shop. It would have to be set-up as the reserve bank of the minecraft server if it where to work well with player economy. Another thing is, from what I've read, you receive emeralds from trading with npc villagers, so because it is not easily obtainable, either a plugin should be implemented to make it say drop of hostile mobs, or you will have to use gold which you can get by mining.

As i said in my main post, i am Strongly For a HARD reset of the map, economy, mcmmo skills and everything affecting the pvp world. I also believe that players should control the economy, not the spawn shop. And that donors should not receive items but perks instead.



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I think that as it is we should look for plugins to make the server more pvp-enthusiastic. Such as custom land generation (world generators, or voxelsniper/worldedit land), Plugins that make obsidian break under to many tnt blasts, water not protecting things. Things that would invite more players to the pvp world. A simple reset would be helpful, but improvement is also a great thing, and we could use the improvements.

On the shop, there are ways that you could put this into the players very capable hands. Such as making a less chest shop base economy, and more of a "digital" economy. I think that Iconomy, or other such economy plugins that keeps the money, and the shops digital would improve the server, and keep players from abusing chest shops protective attributes.

And as far as that goes, reset everything. Don't let anyone bring anything over to the next world, this way everyone starts out chopping wood, and mining cobblestone. Not bringing in Diamond armor, and picks, to give them the automatic advantages. Although a custom world generator/ making a custom world will take some time, and therefor will take some time to reset the stuff to completion. This is difficult, as with world generators you need to move around the world to make it generate what you want, and with a voxel box generation you'd need people willing to use creative methods to build a custom world. And even then you would want a limit on that world, as not to strain such things. Because eventually without a border compacting the world, should it be custom, someone will walk far enough to find regular land. So I propose the world-border plugin.

With some difficulty we could make give this server a more unique PVP experience, a place were people tell others of how amazing the pvp experience is on it. Custom world generation, An economy where buying things will make the price go up, and selling will lower the price, making it harder to make money, and harder to get tons of items through lowered prices.

I was just trying to come up with ideas that could improve our player-base, and possibly fix the problems that pickle has spoken of. I understand that the community consists of mostly nice players, and not many of these players are into a hardcore pvp experience that I have come so close to in recent years of minecraft. But pvp servers become most popular through hardcore means. I haven't seen a Softcore pvp server ever get a good playerbase. I'm not suggesting we go full Hardcore, but we should improve the pvp world to be more hardening on a player. Show him just how far he has to go to keep his base from being raided.

I've also learned that keeping he worldborder between 8000, and 10000 squared is best. One of the most unique ways of making the server "Hardcore" is to make a live map. This is called "tracking" and it keeps the inventories of factions, and other players in circulation. The live map would show players online where other players are, and can even show faction land and bases. This would make it easier to raid, and easier to find player for raiding. Keeping the more OP items in circulation from faction to faction. It's only been used in servers were tracking/finding bases are hard.

So in sum, we should get; A world border, Custom land, Plugins that make a world border, plugins that make obsidian destroyable through tnt, plugins that disable water and lava protection on bases, Digital economy with inflation, and possibly world map viewer.
Not to mention that Every faction server that has Ever been successful makes it so that you can open chests in players faction land, not protecting it.

What do you guys think of these Ideas?
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I agree with most of what DarkAngl says, and talking with him on team-speak about items carry over, our goal is to get new players on, and if we snowball new players will struggle starting against veterans in diamond Armour. I also agree with the unique ideas on using voxel (I am also familiar with this handy tool, works well with map development and giving a server a 'Theme' of sorts.) Also i agree with nerfing obsidian, again interesting concept. Again the livemap is an interesting idea, but it might make pvp a bit harsh (giving away positions of players to everyone). Another alternative is the bounty system? with /bounty track or even grapevine? Although it is an interesting concept.

Plus, i 100% agree with Dark's edit, you should be able to open chests in ENEMY territory, will make pvp more intense and rewarding.

I'm not so sure about the economy, still a better step than what we currently have, but i am a big supporter of the economy being put in the players hand, with the server only as the reserve bank of a misc item, so they can fuel the economy.

But he does bring up good points, and I think most people now agree that a Hard reset is the best way to go.


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I agree with everything yous guys have said except, The opening chest in faction land. As long as I will ever stay in this server (Hopefully ever!) That there will be no opening of chest in land that is claimed. It's fun when you try and blow up chests and you can't get to them that's the point of factions also!