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World of Tanks 8.1 is Live - Bring on the Brits!


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[h=1]8.1 Update Is Now Live[/h]Today, 21:26 Announcements Comments

The 8.1 Update has gone live!
With 8.1 comes the first phase of the British Tank Tree and a whole host of other additions. You can expect to see quite a few new tanks on the battlefield, and four remastered maps on which to roll around and blow stuff up. The return of Dragon Ridge and Province, as well as revamped versions of El-Halluf and Abbey. The old strategies will surely need some rethinking! You can get a full list of the 8.1 Update Notes here:
[h=4]8.1 Update Notes[/h]We've also prepared a video that outlines a majority of the changes that have come with this latest update:

Thank you for your patience, and all of your great feedback on the test server!

All players with a premium account at the start of the maintenance will be compensated 1 day of premium time.
Directly quoted from release page, Update is 581.23 mb