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Would You Beat Them Off?

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From an old late 90s satire news programme called Brass Eye.

wikipedia description:
"The series satirised media portrayal of social ills, in particular sensationalism, unsubstantiated establishmentarian theory masquerading as fact, and creation of moral panics, and is a sequel to Morris's earlier spoof news programmes On The Hour (1991–92) and The Day Today (1994)"
The Day Today, also good, is where Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan) got his first TV appearance.

Only 6 half hour episodes, plus a special. Classic British dark, bizarre, somewhat insane humour. I recommend it.
Ridiculous stuff, including getting public figures linto saying silly things when they should really know better.

[posted the best of from youtube, but it's weird and out of context, so removed ... I recommend watching in full[

for yella ...

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