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Xbox Live

Joke :D

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-OZ-Lockout said:
lol xbox is nowere near as good as PS3, Xbox is like the home brand version of PS3.
haha sony sucker

you got like 3-4 decent games on PS3, xbox has halo, gears of war, etc. plus FPS fail on PS3.

PC ftw


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here we go Halo Halo Halo who cares? lol

halo is outplayed and outdated. essentially the games r the sameon both systems , ill giv u gears of war tho, but we still hav gran turismo, god of war, metal gear solid etc

Xbox did good gettin FFXIII tho BUT FFXIII Versus looks way better n microsoft didnt get that one.


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lockout ..perhaps i am mistaken .. but you never had such an Asshole attitude? or are you messing about? coz most of all the post's i have seen you write they are all Asshole stuff?


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idc about either console much
im probs a playstation boy because ive grown up with it and the controls
but i can play xbox and still snap all my friends in halo
but pc pwns all others :p