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Xen's New Business


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Hey guys,

Just letting you all know that a mate and I have set up a new Graphic and Web Design business and we would love the support from the OZ crew, we currently have a facebook page setup, and are currently building our website. If you are interested in supporting us to get the word out about our new business, just "like" our new facebook page and thankyou in advance for your supporting us here at "Absolute Visuals".

FACEBOOK GROUP - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Absolute-Visuals/453935117997469?ref=hl#!/pages/Absolute-Visuals/453935117997469?notif_t=page_new_likes

WEBSITE - www.absolutevisuals.com.au



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your website portfolio seems to be in another language still haha, but the website is amazing

Trigger Happy

Great to see people follow their passion and having the drive to actually get something off the ground!
That being said, there are a few things you should fix on your site to ensure it is of a professional standard.
Here are a list of things in no particular order of what I think you should look into:

  • External links (twitter, facebook etc) - you probably want these to link using a separate tab / window simply to keep your customers having your page open when they are done with the external site (can be either way though, just an opinion)

  • Twitter link - You have two twitter links, one to the personal account and one to your company account. Is this desired?

  • Your website is using the wordpress theme that you allow for purchase, that can take away from your design website as it is a design anyone can now have...The theme itself is probably something you would want to add to your portfolio

  • You have quite a lot of lorem ipsum throughout your site still. Most notably under the "What we do" section and under your portfolio sections. Considering these are probably going to be the stuff people want to see most on your site, I would consider these the highest priority in terms of completeness and ensuring any information here is succinct.

  • Some nitpicky stuff here - for a cleaner overall website, you should look at your urls for each of your sections. The portfolio section with "portfolio-with-different-thumb-sizes" in the url is a bit unnecessary. Also your blog url is "blog-1"

Outside of those it is a really polished site. I haven't tried to break your site in any way as since it is built on wordpress I assume it is as good as whatever they make it to be. It will be interesting to see how your site / business progresses over time!



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Hi Trigger

Thanks for you feedback, and yes the above ideas me and my business partner are going threw at the moment, we are still currently under construction, thus the lorem ipsum is still there but we are very proud of the progress on the business overall, we still have a lot of work to do before we are fully operational so that when we do go back to uni we can focus on our clients and less of the build of the business, that being one of our plans. Thanks again for your feedback it was very helpful in some cases.



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Hi Xen,

I am an IT architect IRL and over the last couple of years I've had a bit to do with usability / web design etc on commercial web applications. This qualifies me to know enough to know that I know very little about this web nice-looky-thingies.

In any case, I am usually interested in UI controls and the application thereof. I notice your lightbox has a resize doover on the multi line edit box which allows you to extend the MLE outside of the lightbox boundaries. Probs best to get rid of the resize doover. Also, when you fill up the MLE box it puts a sh!tty unstyled native browser scrollbar in when the rest of the MLE is nicely styled. Best to apply some pop to that scrollbar. In short, beware using browser supplied UI controls as they tend to suck (in older browsers anyhow).

On the plus side, the whole thing did seem to resize fairly well when i futzed with the browser resolution.

Apart from that functional stuff, your site looks nice. Better than anything I could put together, but that's why I pay professionals to do this stuff for me!

Good luck
<3 nerb.