• Changes to Server go to this thread http://overzealousgamers.com/threads/etpub-changelog.6665/
  • et server ftp back up the host had some issues should be all fixed now

New profile posts

Where are you?
I'm here.
Think I've finally lost the passion for the game.
How are you?
Yeah good thanks, very disappointing if thats the case but i understand completely
All this virus crap is making me quite miserable.
How are you coping?
I'll try and make an effort in a couple of weeks. Currently have painters in the house, what a nightmare.
Thanks for dropping by, we do have players on server most nights now, occasionally get into the low 20s. Would be good to see another familiar face on the server if you have the time to play.
I see he tends to ban a few and none of it for hacking, he simply cant take a joke and/or despises people giving it back.