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Black Racoon
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  • Black raccoon I donated 30 aud to this website I'm not sure if I donated the site or the wat I was donating 2. If so I would like my 30 Aud to go towards oz"s minecraft server and to the account raptin011 i would donate to the website but I would like to donate 30AUD to the minecraft server and onto raptin011 thx -raptin011
    Whats up be haven't seen you in awhile well I'm busy too but they removed the blacklight thing I was waiting for the privileges but they never came :(((
    hey black racoon back from holidays and was wondering when i will become a mod beacuse it will be the best thing ever
    hey black racoon i got banned for 3 months for "wallhax" where can i see the evidence of this. thanks juggernaut
    BR I tried to make a donation but when I click on the arrow for $amount it takes me to the application thread, WTF
    Hi Br, none of posts from the previous web site have been transfered here, can that be fixed or are they gone now.
    Cheers bandido
    I've adjusted the home page More, getting rid of the youtube thing, looks terrible. Just need to adjust rest of perms, and donator perms, rest of prefix's, test the scubscibers and wer're done :)
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