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Application to join clan

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Hi, my name is Dylan, I'm a made man. I currently play as "ExoticTripZzz".

I am a mature student currently looking for a part time job. I enjoy writing what society calls savage rap, eggs and bacon :wtf: reading novels and sketched realistic art.

I am a straight forward guy that'll defuse any sort of negativity with my general knowledge but willing to learn others side of the problem and work through with it. I believe I can offer guidance and positive vibes for anyone having trouble.

My current favorite games are W:ET, conan exiles and any tactical based fps on pc whereas I also love my RPG and MMORPG games on ps4. Current favorite is shadow of mordor.

At the moment do not own mic as it recently died.

Willing to hear from anyone soon :cool:



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At this stage oz members have voted that you need some more time on the server
Will do another vote after boxing day and see how it goes from there
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