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changes to dropping vsays NQR


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My 2 cents

I think that increasing the timer for dropping vsays has impacted normal usage of vsays and chatting in console.

It has also had no impact on stopping the xmas stuff being spammed, because each xmas clip takes 5-10 seconds to play and is not subject to abuse by fast repetitive spamming.

Can you please change it to whatever it used to be, phill?

V21 (need a medic) is when we need to use it with shortest interval.

I really don't see why you changed it all, tbh.


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My question is why would you need to say a vsay more then once in 2 sec ill change it to a litte shorter interval
Most vsays are single words or very short phrases, we frequently use more than one vsay in combination to convey information to our team - the change has affected our ability to do that.

Example scenario: I am an engineer that has been killed near ticking dyno, being able to say "Need a Medic" + "I'm An Engineer" will be more likely to focus the team's medics rather than a regular "Need a Medic". It was nice to be able to issue 2 vsays in quick succession without worrying about their timing/dropout.

If I recall correctly, two vsays together was working unrestricted, and it was the 3rd vsay that got dropped if it was too soon.

Merry Christmas!
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Can someone fix the the vsays please like I need a medic gezz if removing vsays how are we suppose to call medic and call ammo
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I'm poking phill to revert it, as the change did not fix the issue. We are removing the vsays from the mod for next year.

[edit] or me, when I find it...
[edit2] and its reverted to normal (3 till cutoff)
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