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Chivalry - Medieval Warfare


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This game is pretty awesome to have a bash around on.


It's $25 bucks on steam or something,
from what i've played there's like 3 server modes:

Objective - can be 32v32 stormin a castle, pillaging peasants etc, you have to use teamwork like ET
Free for All - all out epic bloodbath, every man for himself...insane with 32v32
Duel - where you're in an arena with 8 or so other people but you have 1v1 fights


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Oh kool I thought I saw this on Good Game (TV show on ABC) looks brutal and great multiplayer raids and battles.


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After playing this very addictive game from 6pm to 4am, I vote we make a server for this game? any one want to back me up on this?


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OMFG “BUMP” this game is so good I lack sleep from playing this game too much, more people from OZ start playing this game me and Bain are lonely and need some companions to slice and dice. Great game for people who appreciate a game that needs skill and good judgment to play. So join in the intense battle and add me on Steam while you’re out checking out this game. “tehdriblind”