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Not Passed Dat_guy's Application for Minecraft

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Hello, my name is Christian . I am a well mannered, greatly raised Catholic boy. I am 15 years of age and presently live in Boston, Massachusetts. I was raised mostly on outdoor activities such as basketball, football, backyard games etc. As I grew older like any other boy I caught an interest in video games. I played everything from Mario Bros to Call of Duty. Then one day, on a Christmas that changed my life, I received my first laptop. My cousin (mrminifigs) immediately showed me the most popular computer video game around. MINECRAFT! I was thrilled with the structures you could build in just such a little screen. I attempted everything from making Youtube videos to skyping with different players around the globe. My reasoning for wanting to be an OZG clan member is because of my passion for the server. It's actually more like a BURNING passion. I started out in a little Skype call with 2000Jeep, forgotenThought, Dantheman1100, Ethankk, and mrminifigs. We all played on our little single player worlds until, 2000Jeep introduced me to OZ. We found the diamond block glitch and Honestly (Ethankk was the only one to abuse that). As you can see I remember every single detail about OZ. It is where I plan (If you will allow me) to spend my entire minecraft experience at. I was an admin on two servers these past few years. If you remember Eminem247? He had a server with about 6-7 players on at a time. I was admin on his server aswell as Co-Owner on my cousins server (mrminifigs). Unfortunately had to close down due to and I quote "The amount of Benjamin's" - Mrminifigs. It had a decent amount of 12-13 players. Lastly, my interests. I play starting linebacker on my Freshman Football team. I hope to make Varsity Basketball next year and I love camping especially in the summer at my lake house in New Hampshire. Honestly, I don't read much but when I do, it is to compare the order of major events in the movie to the book. I currently hold a great B+ Average in school and I take all honors classes. I make my money like any other 15 year old, shoveling snow around my neighborhood. That is basically my life in words.
Thanks for reading and I really hope you will allow me to share my BURNING passion with you on OZ.
-Dat_Guy123 Skype: Christianhayes123
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If we had the old Forum setup i would find my old Mod application and show you it. The reason for this is i think it would honestly be a much better application if you used Colour or Formatting.
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