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Do you really want 4K?

Very informative (and funny) analysis of the development of video formats leading up to, ahem, 4K. It's just a talking head with neat video tricks, but jeez I wish I had more teachers like him in high school.

Yeah me too and I totally agree. Although with a 28" monitor, even with a high end gaming rig (GTX 1080, Intel i7 8700K), I find it better to throttle new triple A rated graphic games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider back to 1440p and still keep all the game's ultra graphics settings with a reasonable FPS, and still look awesome. It's a toss-up - res or settings? But then that title was supposedly written to take advantage of ray tracing in the new RTX 20 series GPUs. No probs though in heaps of other newer titles - 4K all the way. That and high def streaming movies and TV - bloody brilliant. And not looking at a RTX 2080 Ti yet till they mebbe come down a tad in price :eek:
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QLED 8k is where its at im afraid
...with no native 8K content to watch or play. By the time 8K content starts to roll out, 16K will the new big thing heh

I hope I am still around when the next generation of visual technology is born - something so mind-blowing new we can't even imagine it yet. Like TV was back in the day.

But then again, I hope I am still around when Trump finally goes to jail...
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