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  • et server ftp back up the host had some issues should be all fixed now

ETPub Changelog

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  • Added Battery Recharged Classic
Battery recharged classic map is on half way between the original Battery map and Battery Recharged map version

Overview of the "classic" version:
	Added detailed voice announcer for the objectives
	Allied team can't spawn at command post
	Back door is now dynamitable by allied and reconstructable by axis
	Added location file
	Moved Allied east MG nest further towards the sea to give it a better field of view.
	Added barbed wire to the beach barricade to try to prevent tj over the barricade.
	A message shown when an allied objective is accomplished, eg "1 out of 2"
	One additional primary objectives created for allies, making two in total: 
		destroy radar station (next to bunker)
		destroy gun controls (same as in original map)
	Instead of Allied assault ramp the Axis can build barricade (satchel objective) to block the new slope on the beach
	New Axis-only door added at beach top leading directly to gun room, to allow Axis to better defend the the gun.
	New constructible (satchel objective) Axis-and-disguised-cov-op-only door added near "power supply room", to slow allied access to it via gun room assault
	Allied East Spawn moved closer to the lighthouse
	More areas now permit landmines


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Destroy thingy at other end of map, medium > large, may not stick around.
  • breakout_371 added - crashes server, doesn't load textures in etlegacy
  • Fern now uploading maps to correct webserver *cough* Oops
Destroy (dyno) your primary objective and capture 3 of the 4 flags , which represent control of key parts of the town.

- Primary objectives (88 mm gun for the Allies, Field Operations fo the Axis)
- Capturable areas:
= Cafe (flag)
= Sewers (flag)
= Hotel De Ville (CP) - CP also controls the forward spawn point
= Rue d'Isigny Tunnel (flag)

AMMO/HEALTH RACKS: 2 sets exist. One in the Hotel De Ville, one in the sewers
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  • Added Marrakech Streets 2 - By Night [FINAL]
  • Added reactor_final_fixed
  • Added breakout_210
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  • Added - HoG_b12_dt.pk3
  • Added - rommel_final_1107_fixed.pk3
  • Added - chartwell_140.pk3
  • Added - et_beach.pk3
  • Added - caen2_rev1.pk3
  • Removed - breakout_et_b2.pk3
  • Removed - mo_decerto_b2_0505.pk3


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  • Added UJE_christmas_sniper_b7 (Crossing)[presently not voteable, dunno whats wrong]
  • Added UJE_bathroom_panzer_b1 (needs admin for gravity/panzermode)
  • Added UJE_xmas_maps (Oasis, Temple, Goldrush)
  • Removed et_headshot2_b1
Temporarily removed
  • Goldrush
  • Oasis
  • Delivery
  • SW_Goldrush_TE
  • SW_Oasis


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  • Some "Fun" commands are currently broken we are working to try and fix this issue, it appears to have something to do with us switching to etlegacy-server


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Legacy server installed running our etpub
Cause the boys forgot to update this fred.

Legacy broke g_tyranny, which means no lol, pants, pip, freeze etc

Server has been reverted to a non legacy server, all commands should now be working. Please test them out. Yes, I am asking you to !pants all the things.

Unfortunately this means unless something changes on legacy's end, the ET server cannot be upgraded to legacy.
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