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G5 Button/s Not Detected In-Game?

Hi All,
I have a issue with buttons not being detected in ET but this appears to be a known issue with this mouse & certain games according to YouTube.:( (featured in the video at 7mins & 40 secs)

I have the latest version of set point drivers for win7 64bit ( 1week old),so I need advice on if this can be configured manually within the driver utility.

2nd revision of the G5 mouse , model No. M-UAH113A (Logitech's website hosts dead links all over the place).



Joke :D

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Did you install the software?

The buttons are detected on my MX518, but if i type it in my .cfg it doesnt read them, to i have to set them using "esc > options > controls".
@ Thompson , Side buttons,particularly the front of the 2 side (thumb) buttons,haven't tested left/right leaning scroll on wheel button.

Side button at the back works in vent & ET,but I need one for Push To Talk in Vent & Front 1 for /kill in ET,can't have dual function running off same button,it will be annoying in ET when I hit PTT in vent.

It allows both side buttons to work in both Firefox (with Logitech Plug-in installed) & Windows Explorer (not IE) so the buttons obviously do function!

Driver Disc doesn't have Win7 drivers,got em from Logitech's website but never installed PS/2 version.

@ Joke Including screenshots of what it installed,software is about 1-2 weeks old but driver is older,from latest installation package though!