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gaterdo's Moderator Application [NOT PASSED]

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-Your name and age My Name is Robbie i am 16 turning 17
-Tell us your life story, events, fun staff, I like fun stuff! Make me laugh!
I Grew up in a small suburban town in North East United Sates so my sport interests include Baseball, Football, and Basketball.Around age 7 i was introduced to computers because my Mother, and Father work in the computer business so, i know alot about computers and sometimes more then they do.
- What position you would like to apply for I would like to apply for The JnrMod Position because I understand how the rank system works JnrMod---> Moderator----->Admin,Also i would like you to trust me before you possibly prmote me to Moderator and so on.
- Why you think you deserve the position I have been playing on the server for about a year but i would have played more but the server stopped working for me for some reason.I have far more knowledge on how a server runs/works than the average minecraft player so when you are not on Mc i can help players with problems they might be having and answer questions.
- past experience I have been moderator on many kinds of servers such as. Survival, Survival Games, Tekkit, Creative, Ect.
- All sorts of other stuff! I'll leave you to decide!
Games I Play.
*Battlefield 3
*Call Of Duty (4-recent)
*Team Fortress 2
*Grand Theft Auto (all)
*Assassins Creed
*Many More

Favorite bands*AC/DC
That is all I Hope you accept it
Contact me at Sk8erohio16@gmail.com
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Unfortunately your Application has not passed.

We have not seen you on the server much, you have only recently come on the server, so we would prefer to get to know you better before considering your application.

MC Leaders.
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