• Changes to Server go to this thread http://overzealousgamers.com/threads/etpub-changelog.6665/
  • et server ftp back up the host had some issues should be all fixed now


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Unban is possible if you can justify your third eye ability by appearing on your own talk show offering legitimate psychic experiences.
Seriously? Haha this has to be a joke right?
Someone thinks I’m walling so I get banned?
Surely you guys will lift the ban. I don’t use wallhacks haha!
You need to suck up more, you need to make them feel important and you're not worthy.
Obviously not your first rodeo Middy?

Seriously tho, I come back and play some ET after 4 or so years and this happens haha!
Can an admin who is a grown up please unban me? haha
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