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PAX - World of Warships Ship 'Contest'


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NyxWGA, on 27 August 2015 - 09:46 PM, said:

This should go without saying, but saying it anyway for clarity - TK DOES NOT COUNT!


It’s time to search the seas, looking for enemies whose names begin with a letter in P-A-X-M-A-R-B-L-E-H-E-A-D!

Beginning today, we want you to spell out the words PAX MARBLEHEAD by sinking other Captains whose names begin with each letter of those words!
For X, the letter can appear anywhere in the Captain's name. For instance, NyxWGA would be a valid entry for the X. (yes I totally just taped a bull's eye to myself!)

Take screenshots of the battle results page with the names of players you've destroyed, and post them in ONE post, in this thread.
Spoilers preferred. Placeholder post allowed.
(The battle results page shows your score at the end of the game. Click "Print Screen" when you see this image, and it will save to your game folder under "Screenshots" You can also take a photo with your phone - as long as we deem it is legible. If it is too blurry to read, it will not count.)

- The word must be spelled with the first letters of players' names, with the exception of X. You can use an X anywhere in a player's name, it does not have to be the first letter.

- It can not be in a Training Room; it has to be a Random Battle or Co-Op battle. Yes PvE battles count! You can use the first letter of the bot ship name after the colon :

- To enter, take screenshots of the battle results tab with the names of players you've destroyed, and post the screenshots together in one forum post.

- One entry per person.

All players who submit a valid entry, will receive the Marblehead with the special PAX camo, a port slot, and 500,000 Credits!

We will randomly select ten (10) captains who complete the task and award them with a one week of Premium time!

Thursday, September 3 at 9am PT.
Winners of Premium Time announced: Friday, September 4.

Marbleheads and credits will be credited to all valid entries the following week!

Click HERE to learn more!

Update to address concerns!

It's a long word, and I'm really not going to go through and look hard to try to disqualify folks. I'm not going to be worried about you using a older screenshot, or examining your entry with a magnifying glass. What I really hope for is that a TON of people go out and make an effort to kill some folks, take some screenshots, and bring them back to the forums. I would love to see 500 people go out and make an effort and participate. I would be happy to go credit 500 ships!

Please don't worry too much about me being total stickler on this, and trying to find ways to disqualify you! Go kill some folks and have some fun, then bring your screenshots back here and post them. I don't want anyone to not participate because they are a letter short, or they are worried they won't have time etc. Start yourself a placeholder post, and go sink some red ships. Upload the pics as you get them this week. That is really ALL you have to do - I promise!