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Pimpin with Cake: Teh cake awakens. then goes back to bed


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pimpin with cakes.jpg

hello! this is cake speking inside ur head. aint that kinda wierd. theres an echo in here.
..caaakes in spaaace!:woot:

anyway HELLO aqnd welcome to this episode of PIMPIN WITH CAKE. :happy:

today episode all about how to enterutain ur cat when ur not home or if u really busy wan\\\typing on teh computer and u just cant afford to give time to real pussy.:cat:

raising kitty cats not always easy. cake should know. cake all time high score of most pussy ever. an dont u know it. some time u just dont have enough time to play with kitty cat. lucky for us kitty cats not smart as u or cake. well they not as smart as cake. ur a bit dim u know m8.:shifty:

teh point is kitty cats r entertained by all sorts of silly things that bore us people. so why not make a automatic kitty cat enteritainging machine!!!! :joyful:

for this u will need:

  • one old light bulb u dont want anymore
  • a hammer
  • one soldering iron & some solder
  • some spare wires
  • a clothes hanger
  • lots of string
  • a shoe or another heavy thing like that
  • something fluffy and fun like a cat toy or cellotaped bundle of ur brothers pubes
  • a cellphone charger
  • a electric motor
  • some cellotape or glue
  • pliers or something else so u can cut wires

right lets get started.

TEH LIGHT BULB: ur interface to ceiling power

smash teh light bulb with a hammer but do it inside a plastic bag or something. all u want is teh power terminal which goes into teh ceiling. smash off everything and just have teh bit which screws in to socket.

solder two wires into socket so u basically have wires which connect to power from ceiling.

next up:

get teh old cellphone charger an make sure it not too powerful. maybe like 5v or something be fine. cut off teh wires and give urself about a foot of spare wire. hack open teh charger and hack off teh power plugs. depending on what charger u have, u need to use ur imagination.

solder wires from ur light bulb socket to where teh mains power touches the circuit board. u now can power cellphone charger from light bulb socket

close teh whole thing up. cellotape it up etc.

now with teh phone cable coming out of charger: cut it off except for maybe a foot of wire and strip teh ends off. u should have at least 4 wires: ground, +volts, data+ and data-. all u want is teh power (probably red) and ground (probably black).
data wires usually green & white. but u can test which is live by putting ur tongue on wires.
connect teh wires up to teh motor. use ur soldering iron to make sure it secure.

tape ur light bulb socket to teh cellphone charger.

use ur pliers to twist teh metal spinny bit of teh motor to a 90 degree angle. if u cant, well try ur best to put dents in it.

cellotape/glue teh motor to ur cellphone charger.


first of all stop shouting. by now u should have a solid unit u can screw into ceiling and it make motor turn around. next is all teh cat fun things.

get teh coat hanger and glue/tape/secure it to teh motor spinny bit. so ur coat hanger now spins around.
attach some string to one end of teh coat hanger so it will go down to teh floor.

teh string actually weighs a fair bit especially when it spinning around. u need to counterweight it with shoe or something. do ur best to make it balanced. u dont need powerful motor if it all balanced right.

then just put ur silly cat toy / pubes on bottom of string so it wizz around floor.

screw it into ceiling and turn on ur light switch. u now have wacky spinning cat entertainment machine.

if u kill urself or burn ur house down, can cake have ur computer?

hi matilda :kiss: