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Raptin011 Jnr mod application [NOT PASSED]

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Introduce yourself, what are you in game names?
Hello my name is Ricky and I'm 16 and I am a loved one on oz minecraft server my ign is raptin011 and oz is my gaming network.

Help us get to know you. In this section feel free to tell us about your occupation, hobbies, favourite books/games/movies/artists, celebrity crush etc.
my hobbies are soccer video games reading and skateboarding. My favorite books are throne of fire maximum ride and Harry potter. I'm in 9th grade and I'm a great help to oz and I love Ted best movie ever. I don't like art I like theatre better.

What do you think you can offer -OZ- as a clan and community member and Why do you want to join -OZ-?
What I think I can do is be on a lot on oz and I'm a great pixel artist and builder and I love helping newbies enjoy the server. I want to join because I've always been a part of oz and its been my favorite server for 2 yrs.

What would you say are your favourite games, platforms? When did you start gaming? (On any platform)?
My favorite game is mw3 I play on tht more then anything I started playing games like tht 8 years ago on Xbox and started ds when I have 5 with Mario and Pokemon and tht crap.

Do you own a microphone?
Yes and I Skype which is raptin011


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Unfortunately your application has been denied.

This is due to it failing one of the procedures/requirements in the application-template post . You may re-apply at a later date if the requirements have been filled or resolved by that time.

Reason: Lieing about age your oz app said you were 14 and then you said you were 16 in this app your age does not change 2 years in 3 weeks

Feel free to still play on our game servers and use our public forums.

Kind Regards,
OverZealous Gamers (-OZ-)


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It is unlikely that your account will ever obtain moderator status, certainly not in the near future. A server cannot be risked like that.

Thanks for the honesty, I will close this thread from further comment.
Not open for further replies.