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roxysurfbabys mod aplication [NOT PASSED]

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I roxysurfbaby wish to become a mod on over zealous minecraft because i love that server (its my favorite for both me and my sister we are always on that server and we play our hearts out on your hg sever. I personally think i should become a mod because literally every day i go on at 8 in the mourning to play with my friends on your sever. And to become a mod for your sever would mean the world to me because i adore your server and i could give and help the public. And i love you sever philgates2.

so as a recap i would simply adore becoming a mod for a server like yours because its the best. i speak two languages i speak both french and English so i could help more people. and i am of ten on minecraft every day of the week so i would be perfect for the mod application.

I hope you read this application made with love and hope.

love Roxanne.


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15:29:14 <roxysurfbaby> no spaces tho
15:29:07 <BudderGal123> how do you do that
15:29:06 <roxysurfbaby> <omitted for obvious reasons>
15:28:42 <BudderGal123> what u whant to do
15:28:36 <roxysurfbaby> go on this server and register on it
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