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Spacks' Real Estate - I find 'em, you buy 'em!


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Spacks' Real Estate

Hi Guys!

I recently had this awesome idea of finding the best plots of land in all of minecraft and today I found such a place.

It boasts a massive plot of land, completely devoid of any other minecraft users, which means no random dirt towers to obstruct your view!

The house itself was built by myself, it features a large 2 story house with a balcony and private farm. It also features a cleverly hidden secret chest for you to hide all your gear.

Look at the pictures below, decide what you think this plot of land is worth to you and shoot me a message in minecraft and we can go from there!

IMAGE #1 Château de Morde

IMAGE #2 Kitchen

IMAGE #3 Surrounding Area

IMAGE #4 View from Balcony

Important: If you do decide to purchase this land, I'll transfer the pre-claimed land over to you AFTER I've received the full sum agreed upon.

SOLD - $35,000
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