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World of Tanks super specials May 7th to May 11th


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I am not entirely sure what the WoT admins are smoking, but, they have released another one of those super epic specials!

Starting at 1130 UTC on May 7, 2012 (about 9.30 tonight) and lasting until 1100 UTC on May 11, 2012 the following discounts and bonuses will be active. Curious what time this is in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out.

x5 experience for the first victory of the day on each of your tanks
50% discount on equipment
50% discount on 100% Tank Academy training
50% discount on Crew Skill reset
15% discount on one-year Premium account
15% discount on half-year Premium account
58% discount on Premium ammunition
50% discount on the credit cost of:
PzKpfw V Panther
VK 3002 (DB)
PzKpfw VI Tiger (P)
PzKpfw VI Tiger
GW Panther
T25 AT
AMX 13 90
AMX M4 (1945)

I stole this from here:http://worldoftanks.com/news/1247-military-parade-special/

tl;dr Cheap tanks + 5x on first win? Abuse these specials like a boss!


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& more has been added onto this with some free stuff!


In honor of Victory Day and the ongoing Military Month specials we are pleased to offer you a fantastic bonus code:

Extra Combat Rations - x5
Case of Cola - x5
Chocolate - x5
Improved Combat Rations - x5
Strong coffee - x5
1 day Premium Time
The Victory Day Promo code will remain active from May 8, 2012 through May 15th at 16:59 PDT (23:59 UTC).

Only during these days will you be able to activate this one time use code:


(Use caps only). If you need more information on how to activate the promo code, please read the instructions.

If you already have a premium account, after putting in the promo code you will receive a 24h extension to your premium play time.

We hope you and your crewmen enjoy all the food and drink!

7.3 is also scheduled for today/tomorrow (6hrs of downtime)


The World of Tanks development team is excited to announce that update 7.3 is to be released for the NA server on May 8, 2012.

Due to the update, the NA server will be unavailable for six hours starting on May 8, 2012 at 01:00 PDT (08:00 UTC) until 07:00 PDT (14:00 UTC).

The Global Map for Clan wars will be unavailable for twenty-four hours starting on May 8, 2012 at 00:15 PDT (07:15 UTC) until 00:15 PDT (07:15 UTC) on May 9th.

Please refrain from making payments during the specified server down time.

All users with premium accounts active at the start of maintenance will receive a one-day compensation added to their premium account starting May 7, 2012 at 21:00 PDT (May 8th 04:00 UTC).

Main features of 7.3 are:

  • Added two new maps Dragon's Ridge (first map based in Asia) and South Coast (a Crimea based map).
  • KV-3 moved from tier 6 to tier 7 as a Soviet heavy tank, and rebalanced.
  • T-150 substitutes KV-3 as a Soviet heavy tank tier 6.
  • KV-4 added as a Soviet tier 8 heavy tank.
  • ST-I added as a Soviet tier 9 heavy tank.
  • IS-4 moved from tier 9 to tier 10 in Soviet tech tree and rebalanced.
  • IS-8 substitutes IS-4 as a Soviet tier 9 heavy tank.
  • KV divided into KV-1 and KV-2. KV-2 becomes a Soviet tier 6 heavy tank.
  • Added previously tested French premium vehicles to the game store: tier 3 tank destroyer FCM 36 Pak 40 and tier 4 SPG 10.5 сm leFH18 B2.
  • Added vehicles for testing, available for supertesters only: Soviet heavy tank IS-6 (tier 8) and German TD JagdTiger 8.8cm KwK 43 L/71 (tier 8).
  • Fixed and reworked visual models of Т25/2, PzKpfw VI Tiger, KV-3, Т32, Т30, Т-46, KV-5, Object 704.
  • Fixed and reworked damaged models of M18 Hellcat, Т32, Т30, Ferdinand, KV-5, Т-43, Т-54.
  • Fixed some errors in the IS-4 damaged model: the gun mantlet thickness was increased from 200mm to 250mm, the glacis (upper frontal armor plate) slope was increased from 58 degrees to 61 degrees.
  • Combat levels for tier 5 heavy tanks reduced by 1.
  • Fixed the display of M103 front armour in the game interface.
  • Fixed the undersized research cost of Т49 from М8А1.
  • Fixed the cost of suspension in TD Т82.
  • Fixed the incorrect cost of radio station FuG 37.
  • Fixed a rare bug with base capture proceeding even though a shell falls between the two tanks capturing the base.
  • Fixed a rare bug with incorrect experience distribute among crew members during active "Accelerate crew training" option.
  • Fixed the bug when a skill pop-up hint disappeared, if the skill is 0% trained.
  • Fixed the "black terrain" graphics display for back issue Radeon video cards.
  • Fixed minor interface errors in the tank company window.
  • Extended text descriptions of perks and skills.
  • Fixed names of several American HE shells.
  • Added ability to display clan logos on tanks.
  • Fixed the issue with non-destruction of antitank hedgehogs (Komarin map) when hit with HE shells in some cases.
  • Fixed non-receipt of Fadin's Medal for tanks with autoloader mechanism.
  • Added view of ammunition rack explosion to vehicle overtarget markers.
  • Fixed several issues with crew training.
  • Fixed mouse inversion operation in SPG view mode.
  • Fixed disappearance of indicator showing distance to a vehicle in reticle.
  • Removed some special modules for top tanks from the store.

The full list of changes and additions in the 7.3 update can be found here.

Links for the download will be provided later.

Stay tuned for any further news!