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Passed Zulu's application for ET


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Chris, born 27/06/1970. Same year that Unix was born. I have a passion for computers, gardening and do quite a bit of renovations on my home. Used to do a lot of cooking. Life changed a lot, for the better, when I became a father. There's a point to all this after all. I think that I have something to contribute as a member, as I like to help out people in need of assistance.


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Yeah life is definitely better as a dad Zools, plus you seem to live on the server so F1 from me.


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Hang a tic!



Also, Since its unanimoose....

Congratulations on Joining OverZealous Gamers, your application has passed.
You now have access to all OZ members forums. Additionally you have priority access to all of our game and voice servers.We are in 8 separate game divisions and have over 300 members throughout them. Feel free to get involved in other divisions and teams. Each division holds events from time to time so be sure to keep an eye out. We hope you enjoy your stay, and feel free to invite your friends to sign up and join the fun!!

If you have any questions/concerns please check our FAQ Page or If you have any questions/concerns please check our FAQ Page or The server/forum Guidelines and Rules
Kind Regards, OverZealous Gamers (-OZ-)

Feel free to tag up with ^2-^3O^2Z^3- ingame :et2: