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  1. Womb@t


    If you turn off the chat Fern poor old FRED will be devastated LMAO :wtf:
  2. Womb@t

    invader wants to join again Oz

    F1 champion bloke :cigar:
  3. Womb@t

    Lil-Shock saying HELLO :)

    Hi Lil-Shock, Look forward to having run ingame with you.
  4. Womb@t

    Oz mod development

    OK Phil thanks
  5. Womb@t

    Oz mod development

    The problem with the xp reset is for the guys who pop on for 1/2 hour to an hour very couple of days and have no xp or very little xp when they join it will be very hard not including any new players that may join the server. all these changes you are talking about will only help the better...
  6. Womb@t

    Oz mod development

    Could not agree more Teddles if it ain't broke, don't fix it
  7. Womb@t

    etkey guid issues

    0o0o0o0o FIGHTTTTTTT my moneys on Nix. Pics please to share for me and Zulu :cigar:
  8. Womb@t

    Imvade apologies

  9. Womb@t

    et is up

    Great job Phil thanks for the effort
  10. Womb@t

    oz server not showing up in server list

    Well done guys on getting the master server listing working again. :kiss:
  11. Womb@t

    oz server not showing up in server list

    Thanks Phil. Worth a thought and it's got me stuffed
  12. Womb@t

    oz server not showing up in server list

    Your master server settings maybe incorrect copy and paste this into your server.cfg and reboot. Mostly the bottom item (set sv_master7 "master0.etmaster.net") set sv_master1 "etmaster.idsoftware.com" set sv_master2 "master.gamespy.com:27900" set sv_master3 "master0.gamespy.com" set sv_master4...
  13. Womb@t

    Overmars is a Crap Admin and the Server is Currently Terrible To Play On

    Overmars is a very good admin. As for stacking yeah it happens from time to time as Jerker said ebbs and flows,ebbs and flows.