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Connection and HD display

Discussion in 'Wolfenstein: ET' started by ExoticTripZzz, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. ExoticTripZzz

    ExoticTripZzz Member

    Connection (Ethernet use)

    rate 25000
    snaps 40
    seta cl_maxpackets "125"
    seta cl_packetdup "0"
    seta net_noipx "0"
    seta net_noudp "0"
    pb_system "1"
    pb_security "0"
    pb_sleep "500"
    seta cl_punkbuster 1
    seta net_noipx 1
    seta net_noudp 0
    seta b_antilag 1
    seta g_antilag 1
    seta r_ignoreFastPath 1
    seta net-socksEnabled 0
    seta net-socksPort 1080

    (some of these might not be forced on oz server but will be better on other servers)

    Most should be able to handle 100 maxpackets and is recommended to have 100.

    1920 x 1080 display

    set r_mode -1" //-1
    set r_customWidth "1920"
    set r_customHeight "1080" // Change to your screens resolution for best performance (Quality depends on gpu)

    set r_aspectRatio 1"
    set r_customAspectRatioH "16" (check with your monitors specs)
    set r_customAspectRatioV "9"
    seta cg_drawdamagekick "0"
    seta cg_drawfallkick "0"
    seta cg_fallkick "0"
    seta cg_damagekick "0"
    seta cg_impactvibration "0"
    seta cg_crosshairPulse "0.0000"
    seta sv_screenshake "0"
    seta cg_drawfps "1" //
    seta cg_drawWeaponIconFlash "0"
    seta b_muzzleflash "0" //
    seta b_drawclock "0"
    seta b_backupcvars "1"
    seta cg_marks "0"
    seta cg_marktime "500"
    seta cg_wolfparticles "0" //
    seta cg_brassTime "0" //
    seta cg_shadows "0" //
    seta cg_atmosphericEffects "0"
    seta b_votetextscale "0.65" // Schriftgröße bei Votes
    seta cg_coronafardist "16000" // Off "0" Near "800" Normal "1536" // Far "4096" | extreme "16000"
    seta cg_coronas "0"
    seta cg_ComplaintPopup "1"
    seta cg_lagometer "0"
    seta r_fastSky "1"
    seta r_depthbits "32"
    seta r_Intensity "1.3"
    seta r_colorbits "32"
    seta r_detailtextures "1"
    seta r_lodbias "1"
    seta r_picmip "-1" //1//
    seta r_picmip2 "2" //-//
    seta r_texturebits "32"
    seta r_textureMode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR" //
    seta r_gamma "1.45"
    seta r_DrawSun "0"
    seta r_dynamicLight "0"
    seta r_mapoverbrightbits "2"
    seta cg_drawCompass 0
    seta cg_drawReinforcementTime 1
    seta v_kickpitch "0" //-//
    seta v_kickroll "0" //-//
    seta v_kicktime "0" //-//
    seta r_lodbias "2" //-//
    seta r_clamptoedge "1" //-//
    seta r_customaspect 1

    use /vid_restart when joining server to get HD quality

    (some of these might not be forced on oz server but will be better on other servers)


    seta com_hunkmegs "512"
    seta com_soundMegs "128"
    seta com_maxfps "125"
    seta forcefps "125"

    Hunkmegs depends on your gpu, better to check ingame how much you can use with /com_hunkmegs in console


  2. Ulti

    Ulti Well-Known Member

  3. ExoticTripZzz

    ExoticTripZzz Member

    Tell me whats wrong :angelic:
  4. Ulti

    Ulti Well-Known Member

    bro... did it really require a fresh thread to flop out your config.. we get it..
  5. gbt:)

    gbt:) Active Member

    This guy and Zulu will get along well I can already tell
  6. ExoticTripZzz

    ExoticTripZzz Member

    And what is it you get or trying to get to?
  7. ExoticTripZzz

    ExoticTripZzz Member

    In fact I get along with everyone because I don't thrive off vexatious behavior.......
  8. ExoticTripZzz

    ExoticTripZzz Member

    No one wants to join a clan where members are so nasty and vexatious towards each other that is just sad.

  9. Ulti

    Ulti Well-Known Member

  10. Zulu

    Zulu Well-Known Member

    Some of the cvars in the second lot are from rtcw and not ET. Hence they don't do anything. There's some other etpro and etpub server side cvars there, which obviously don't do a thing when playing as a client on etpub.
    In terms of display quality, I finally found out how to get rid of the color banding/blotching. You will also notice with these tweaks that finally the Calibrate Brightness menu selection actually starts showing three bars at the bottom half of screen. So. Make either the ET shortcut or et.exe itself (doesn't matter which) WinXP SP2 compatibility. In game change cvar /r_ext_compressed_textures to 0. /vid_restart.
    Unfortunately whenever ET crashes, it will reset r_ext_compressed_textures to 1, so just remember to change it back to 0.
    I also like the added lighting/depth improvement from r_overbrightbits 1.
  11. cccdfern

    cccdfern Administrator Staff Member

  12. ExoticTripZzz

    ExoticTripZzz Member

    Thanks for letting me know Zulu will try these when I get time to have another play around in-game.
  13. ExoticTripZzz

    ExoticTripZzz Member

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