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Core affinity


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I'm defiantly admin on this computer.

Ive found out its probably got something to do with me using xp performance edition. 300mb stripped down version of xp =D


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usin any cut down version of xp does not allow you admin rights at ALL.Tho it say's you are logged in as admin.However u are not.And u have new pc why install a chopped (perfomance Xp) anyway? also what are u trying to set affinity on anyway ET.exe? or Pb? coz i had trouble setting on pba or b ... i forget which it denied me as well.And i use XP 64 bit.


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Death_Reincarnated said:
Chopped down version you are running does not support this feature...what shived/lestat said :D

@shived/lestat you can set affinity on ET.exe but not on the PB processors.
Lol at that pic! and ya that would explain why i was D.E.N.I.E.D ...i have Quad core so i should be allowed :( 1 core for PBA 1 For PBB and one For ET ... and One left over :)


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G-Train said:
Has anyone figured out how to save the changes so you dont have to set affinity everytime you start ET?
Don't think anyone apart from hardcore retro freaks would bother making something to fix that.
How hard is it to minimize during map load up anyway?

Lazy kent get back to crying over the saints :D
Not sure how I did it but I changed core affinity once a while back to one CPU for ET.exe...went to change it again (few days later cos i forgot to do it) BUT IT WAS ALREADY SET TO ONE CPU! WTF LOL?!