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Hi all

Hey guys,

Well I've been hanging out at OZ's ET server for the last few mths, so thought I'd better swing by & say hi...

I used to play ET a few years ago & have recently returned to the game (sucks you in like that!)

A bit about me: I'm 34, I work in the wonderful world of public health, mostly at a fairly major Emergency Dept in Qld and I do some side stuff to do with critical care etc. Often my role involves logistics of management of patient flow from ambulances etc and I also do clinical work. It's crazy busy all the time so it's good to get home and hit ET up for a bit! Prior to this I did IT for a couple years at Uni, and still mess around with computery web based nerdy stuff from time to time.

I live fairly close to the beach in Qld which is cool, and I do fairly standard other stuff to kill time - movies, music, guitar etc...

Anyway, nice to meet you guys, I'm sure I'll see you around online....

yeah cool thanks guys... actually joke is right, tay-ren is prob closest pronunciation!

I should've prob picked something easier like 'bob' but meh...
Hi Taeran,
I had a look at your name & thought it may have been pronounced Tehran :lol: :lol: :lol: , I have been on the lookout for the last few days for a bloke runnning at me with a satchel charge crying Jihad!!! :banana:

Welcome to the forums :)