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Hi all

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ychu6p4x, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. ychu6p4x

    ychu6p4x New Member

    Hey guys,

    Well I've been hanging out at OZ's ET server for the last few mths, so thought I'd better swing by & say hi...

    I used to play ET a few years ago & have recently returned to the game (sucks you in like that!)

    A bit about me: I'm 34, I work in the wonderful world of public health, mostly at a fairly major Emergency Dept in Qld and I do some side stuff to do with critical care etc. Often my role involves logistics of management of patient flow from ambulances etc and I also do clinical work. It's crazy busy all the time so it's good to get home and hit ET up for a bit! Prior to this I did IT for a couple years at Uni, and still mess around with computery web based nerdy stuff from time to time.

    I live fairly close to the beach in Qld which is cool, and I do fairly standard other stuff to kill time - movies, music, guitar etc...

    Anyway, nice to meet you guys, I'm sure I'll see you around online....

  2. moncler8849

    moncler8849 New Member

    How do you pronounce your alias? i've always muttered it to myself as "tor-on"
  3. ychu6p4x

    ychu6p4x New Member

    Ha! yeah, bit weird...

    "Tayran" is kind of how its pronounced
  4. Joke :D

    Joke :D Well-Known Member


    And it's good to see you on the forums!
  5. moncler8849

    moncler8849 New Member

    Shit, my life is now nothing.
  6. Inglourious Basterd

    Inglourious Basterd Well-Known Member

    Hello Tay-ran, welcome to -OZ- :D
  7. ychu6p4x

    ychu6p4x New Member

    yeah cool thanks guys... actually joke is right, tay-ren is prob closest pronunciation!

    I should've prob picked something easier like 'bob' but meh...
  8. TheSmiley6000

    TheSmiley6000 New Member

    Hi Taeran, Welcome to the forums :)
  9. Bandido

    Bandido Well-Known Member

    Hi mate, ya finally got here, good to see you :)
  10. bloodnut

    bloodnut Well-Known Member

  11. Black Racoon

    Black Racoon Head Poncho Staff Member

    Good to see you arrived at the forum! Look forward to having more games with you!
  12. noobItUp

    noobItUp Super Moderator Staff Member

    A hearty hello from master noobity.

    And don't take offence to our bogan, we've long forgiven him. !slap bogan
  13. i0nwr1t3r

    i0nwr1t3r Moderator

    Hi Taeran,
    I had a look at your name & thought it may have been pronounced Tehran :lol: :lol: :lol: , I have been on the lookout for the last few days for a bloke runnning at me with a satchel charge crying Jihad!!! :banana:

    Welcome to the forums :)

  14. Bogan

    Bogan Well-Known Member

    Not biting Noob,and welcome to the forum Taeran
  15. G-Train

    G-Train Well-Known Member

    Welcome mate.

    Stop rnading me please.

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