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Map Rotation

Discussion in 'Wolfenstein: ET' started by Trigger Happy, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Trigger Happy

    Trigger Happy Moderator

    Hey Guys,

    Been a while since we have had some decent maps running on the server so I thought I would check out some current stats of what we have running. So basically I only show the stats that are really relevant and that is the times played and the number of votes for each map. It is ordered by the play count just to make things easier to track.
    There are some really fail maps currently in this rotation and I think it would be a good time to start a discussion of what some good maps would be to swap in and swap out. I currently don't have the access to actually make any of this happen but I'm sure if we get a list of things running those who can edit it will do so.
    So what do you guys think? I would personally like to see the bottom 10 maps go and get some others in there, however I guess some others could argue that removing the top 10 maps would broaden everyone's horizons in regards to map playing by forcing them to play something they normally wouldn't if a favourite isn't available for voting.
    I look forward to the suggestions.


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  2. Black Racoon

    Black Racoon Head Poncho Staff Member

    I think it would also be worth finding those maps which really empty the server, the ones that only a couple people like and really aren't favoured among the vast majority and liked by the smallest minority. For instance even when the server has more then 12 people breakout 2 seems to be far too large a map and people get lost/rage/quit. It does just take too long to get to objectives in some scenarios when playing that map. Also Glider is another questionable one, although that seems 50/50 when I have played it and when voting comes around. I haven't ever seen v2base played, although some maps are "recent" since amacide put them on so not sure how accurate the stats can be for them.
  3. Sunncaeks

    Sunncaeks Well-Known Member

    I still don't know why maps like fuel dump or glider get as many votes as they do.

    Put in uhh... What's it called... The uhh... Dam one. Forgot what it's called.
  4. Rainbow

    Rainbow Well-Known Member

    Christmas Sniper or bust.
  5. Fraggle

    Fraggle Well-Known Member

    (I think the maps called ) Tree Tops would be a good new map!
  6. arabidgypsy

    arabidgypsy Well-Known Member

    10 map campaign goldrush,goldrush,goldrush,goldrush,goldrush,goldrush,goldrush,goldrush,goldrush and goldrush
  7. noobItUp

    noobItUp Super Moderator Staff Member

    Done! :banana:
  8. amacide

    amacide Developer

    The serious problem with those stats is that it doesn't take into account how long a map has been on server.
    Obviously it can't get many votes/times played if it hasn't been on server as long as others.
    Look at the bottom 10 or 12 maps, most have only been on the server for 7 weeks or less. Whilst the top 10 have been on there for 36 weeks or more.
    A better statistic would be number of votes/times played divided by number of days or weeks on server.
    You could get number of days/weeks on server from the time the map was uploaded...

    Anyway, of the most recent maps Italy is definitely a favourite... Rommel and Heart of Gold aren't popular it seems.
    Also, what about Railgun - it's in the bottom 10 but has been on the server since forever. If you were to clear the bottom 10 it should be removed.
    But it can't be removed, due to our map voting system. It's a base map part of ET and can't be removed from map voting....

    Pacman and Breakout have been on server for more than 3 months and still low in vote count. They are prime candidates to remove.
    GA El Kef has been on server for 13 weeks but has less votes/times played than a map that has been on server for only 7 weeks...
    TC Base statistics aren't accurate either because it replaced Alienz Base recently, but TC Base has been popular previously before switched.

    Care to be more specific?
    That mistake has been made before... Popular maps are voted for because people like them and want to play them.
    Why force people to play maps they don't like, to "broaden their horizons"... That's a real server killer.
    The map-voting offers maps that haven't been played recently to vote for. If you have lots of unpopular maps that aren't voted for, they
    keep coming up in the map-voting list presenting 7 bad maps people don't want to play. Cue the rage-quits :)
  9. Antagonist

    Antagonist Well-Known Member

  10. Messenjah

    Messenjah Well-Known Member

    I was going to post but I got distracted by raising BR's karma level
  11. Black Racoon

    Black Racoon Head Poncho Staff Member

    I agree, Also, even though it's been thought about I think we should introduce maps a bit slower into the rotation. By releasing 7 or 10 new maps at once, nobody really has a chance to seek out each one and try and play it, however if it's a single map then perhaps people are more inclined to check it out and can find familiarity in it. If it is liked we keep it and add another. Perhaps a slower and more regulated approach could be trialed to really work out whether these maps are liked or not.

    Note-> Perhaps clearing the mapvote.cfg each time a new map is entered or the rotation changes, to make it fair and more accurate.

    Cheers, BR
  12. amacide

    amacide Developer

    Yeah I agree new maps are fine to trial just not 7 at once... 7 being the magic figure because it's number of maps offered for voting at intermission.
    The problem isn't new maps as such, it's new maps that no-one likes or votes for, because they will keep coming up for voting and annoying people
    when it's only unpopular maps to choose from... I guess that's the catch-22 of the map-voting system, it tries to do the right thing by offering maps
    that haven't been played recently......even if they haven't been played recently cause they suck! ;-)

    Yeah I just realised my first post was full of it because I think I did reset mapvoteinfo.cfg when I last changed maps.... I can't remember :-( :-(
    That'll teach me to upload maps at 5:30AM... :lol: Might have been reset not long before last set of maps were uploaded. So those stats might be OK :)

    Anyway, the thing is there's always gonna be a bottom 10 as such. Even if say all 32 maps were great there will still be 10 that are voted for least.
    So what do you do? You can keep changing the bottom 10 for another bottom 10. I guess the aim is to try and find 1 or 2 gems amongst the new maps...

  13. Frogma

    Frogma Well-Known Member

    You are the patron saint of good map choosing. I don't what this bust map is, however based on your other selection I recommend that both maps are loaded on immediately.

    Done! :banana:[/quote:1dd1pdb6]
    You are cruising for a bruising with comments like that!

  14. Trigger Happy

    Trigger Happy Moderator

    @Amacide, As BR said, if you delete that mapvoteinfo.cfg file we will have the proper stats each time we go to making new rotations. In light of this flawed file we now have, I created a ratio of map votes based on the number of times it has been eligible to be voted for, which is independent of how long the map is on for. What this shows now is how many votes a map gains every time it pops up on the voting menu. The higher the ratio, the more often it is being voted for and thus is being liked by many.
    As for the comments about removing the top maps being bad, it probably is but if someone has that opinion they are free to voice it. My post was to generate discussion and find out what people like, generally good things come from listening to people.
    Also, naturally there will always be a bottom 10 in the rotation but the key thing is seeing by how much they are lagging behind the rest (standard deviation) and see if we can't get something that will actually get played so we have a wider variety that is played more often rather than overplaying the same maps and having effectively a small rotation pool.
    @BR I think introducing only one map at a time is a hassle and will end up with the same result but slower. If there is a new map and it goes against something like goldrush, chances are it will win once then maybe never again. Some maps only become playable when people play it a few times and figure out some good strats for it. Till then, lots of people tend to play what is familiar. If we end up with a list of 7 maps that are new and no one wants to vote for something, tough luck I say. If those maps continue to come up then at least they will get force played and people might find one that they actually like. Having 7 crappy maps to choose from is better than say a set rotation where a crappy map is guaranteed to be played for a month.
    Anyway, that is my opinion with maps, the attached updated ratio graph is below.


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  15. amacide

    amacide Developer

    Thanks - I like that graph :) I will remember to reset mapvoteinfo.cfg each time maps are updated :) Think I did last time just can't remember :lol:

    I can't believe anyone likes Missile except for me and Sunncaekz :banana: :banana: Nah seriously kinda shocked GA El Kef doesn't rate better.
    So it looks like Karsiah and Ice are OK.... Some candidates to replace are: Breakout, HoG, v2 base, Rommel, GA El Kef and Missile....?
  16. Rampage

    Rampage Well-Known Member

    i also totally agree, the simple fact is that goldrush is just more fun to play then some random custom map.

    in my opinion we also need to remove 'server killer' maps, such as glider, not only does it kill the server but it affects the gameplay (LAGG) of people with slower internets or people that are capped.

    i think it is best we leave the most popular (aka the favourite maps), for everyone to play and if we want to introduce new maps maybe make goldrush and supply depo in the same voting cycle then put some of the new maps on a separte one. if that made sense :\

  17. Sisibouri

    Sisibouri New Member

    caen 2
    marekesh streets 2 (final)
    goldrush (greater access)
    radar summer
    streets of italy
    supply depot
    sp delivery te

    plus each month add 4 or 5 random maps to test, 4 or 5 so that never will all maps available to vote for be only new ones (possible crap ones)
    each month out of the 4 new ones keep the best one and remove others, add another 4 new maps to test

    problem with et is that there just isn't that many good maps available, you could prob add password and warbell to the above list and thats about it really, all other maps i have seen seem to be made by people trying to learn how to make maps, most fail as they have no real flow to them and a lot of pointless dead ends or otherwise just glitch.

    off course the originals are in the above list, as stated previously they have to be. and i may have forgot 1 or 2 other good maps.

    oh yeah and i reckon a couple of sniper maps or at least 1
    christmas sniper
    warzone sniper (maybe)

    my 2 cents anyway :)
  18. Frogma

    Frogma Well-Known Member

    Well I hadn't even considered that map, but what a fine suggestion, sir.
  19. noobItUp

    noobItUp Super Moderator Staff Member

    Wot about that map called Haemmer? (or something like that)

    No idea what it is like to play, but during map voting I like to do

    Haemmer time!
    na nanana nana na!
  20. AussiTech

    AussiTech Member

    Fuel Dump is classic ET and Glider gets my vote each time.

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