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OZMOD - v1.2 - With Mac ET

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So we're at a DDAY for the OZMOD - Here are the featuers!!!

Added Support for MAC Users
Added GUID generation and auto etkey downloading without PB - Unfortunately removed due to too many UAC issues in Windows until we find a work
Added ETPRO Style gun FOV - can be toggled off with cg_gun_fovscale 1 or 0 -
New Award - Nick Darcy - Most MG42 headshots Award
Fix: Players Spawning health issues.
Fix: Chat Height Team Chat during intermission (thnx Nitrox)
Fix: GUID Spoofing Checks - shouldn't affect users now during connecting
Fix: Baserace medpack Bug crash - Allows us to host baserace again!
Fix: Voting Bug - Where it never works.
Pip, Pop, Pants now Belong to flag z


To Manually Download here is the link: etpubc-rmac1.pk3

And if you browser doesn't like the .pk3 just rename this file to .pk3 once it's downloaded - etpubc-rmac1.pk3


Changes to Config

- Default Rnade damage now back to 34 dmg
- Default Sniper dmg 50 For scope
- Voting should work correctly needs 51% to pass so at least one more yes than no.
- Medics only drop MAX 2 Packs now not 5-3
- Field ops only drop 1 Ammo Pack

A few things to note:

MAC users will have issues downloading the OZ Client initially this is due to us running 2.55+ server patch which allows users to connect from 2.55/2.56/2.60/2.60b. You will have to manually download the pk3 and place it in your /username/Library/Application Support/Enemy Territory/etpub folder. After you have done that, maps any other OZ downloads should download fine.

There are many changes and this and I do expect there will be some bugs however, I want all related chat to this good, bad and help on any issue to be posted here so it can be resolved in this thread! Also anything I forget will be added here as well!

P.S No admin edit this post. Everything I've written will make no difference to people hacking/avoiding hacks or "cheating commands".
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This mod is now live on the OZ Server! And has been extensively tested Huge thank you to those who spent the hours testing with me to ensure it all worked!



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Woo! My award is finally here!

GGz BR, for your outstanding achievements in the field of excellence i award you:



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Bahaha, last nite I got Nick D'Arcy Lyfe on the first 3 maps I played.

Many faces were were smashed in the making of those awards.

nerb lerf.


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+1 to BR! Great job. Pretty sure this server would be dead and gone without your dedication. Thanks mate!
hey, the new mod is great!

You asked me to post some of the small issues that I noticed while playing on the server:

1. Medics do not regen to full HP - instead they regen to 15 less than their max HP and it stops. This is a problem for less experience players who don't throw a pack for themselves when they spawn. This actcually two pronged! Medics actually can't get that last 15 HP using the health packs from the health and ammo! Instead they have to pack themselves to get full HP. This also disadvantages less experienced players.

2. Medic regen seems extremely slow. I'm not sure what the default is but I experience much higher rates on other servers. I always thought this was a purposeful gameplay decision for the OZ mod. I think the regen should be discussed in terms of gameplay. It will help fragger medics slightly but at the same time it will allow REAL medics to offer health packs to other people and let their regen do its thing (rather than packing themselves). I think the latter is the intention of the game designers.

3. One other thing I noticed was that on very rare occassions a level 3 medic would revive a person to just under their max HP, e.g. 120 instead of 125. This may have been to do with a medic joining the team when this happened. That's the only clue.

4. Another weird thing was that regardless of the amount of medics on your team, some nonmedics would spawn with 100 HP on the very first spawn of the map. I'm not sure what is supposed to happen by default. Remember that medics add HP to team members. If u had 1 medic on your team you should spawn with 110 HP not 100.

I think I missed something but i'll post again if I remember. I think these are the most concerning of issues, albeit very small, and they should be addressed first.


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Good work BR, will be nice to see marsy again :)

@ Thunder, could we leave the medic coloured wine barrel elsewhere for a while?
Personally, I think the medic nerfing is a good call and the nooby players that fall into those caveats will soon learn to pack themselves. The biggest problem has always been medics that are too overpowered on the server and I think these small issues just help to edge a little bit back from that...despite the fact that packing yourself will cure any of those issues anyway.

I remember the best rage from medic nerfing came when we made it so the medics couldn't heal themselves...now that was some fine rage. These days though the server is quite balanced and haven't heard too many complaints either way about the new changes, so I think BR did a good job!

I think it's a waste of time talking about what's overpowerd and what isn't. The game is about teamwork and completing or defending objectives. I personally think the game should be left pure and the only thing the mod should do is add those little extras that we all enjoy like hitsounds, getting xp for shooting people but not necessarily killing them, etc. If it wasn't for the work of the original designers the game of ET wouldn't be what it is. Part of the joy of ET is the competitiveness of it. If the medics are getting too cocky then pull out the panzerfaust or rnade or rifle or sniper or FG42 or dynamite the objective. By showing the KR of palyers publicly then you're just feeding fragger type players who just want to imrove their KR.

As for the medic issues (if you are interested BR), by default, medics aren't supposed to be able to get the last pack to full HP from a health rack. Instead, the health regeneration is supposed to give that last bit of health (or a pack from yourself or another medic). As I described earlier the health regeneration stops 15 HP from max. This seems like it's related to the battlesense 3 fix.

The thing i forgot to mention in the last post was the health bars you see on the other players on your team. There's something a bit funny going on with them. People will have full HP but it will show them has having 80% health. It would be nice if we could alter them so they gave a true representation (for medics that want to heal people).


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I also noticed the health bar issue as the regeneration issue currently. I will look into these as soon as possible to get them rectified, they are bugs, not deliberate nerfs. Also i'll investigate the regeneration rate issue as well, nothing was changed there so I'll see what's going on, I don't believe health regen is affected by any level of medic or battle sense. There is a shrub cvar which controls it though which may be getting affected by an incorrect line above it or similar, so I'll check that out as well.

Thank you very much for reporting these issues. We will have a perfect mod!

With the health packs being given out after death, I'm going to leave that a little while longer so we can get a bit more feedback for it. So far it seems to be more positive then negative, but that's why I'm giving it a bit more time to see. And I want the objective side of ET to be important here too. It's a hard balance I realise, thus why we will try everything.


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I really like the new changes specially the Amount of supplies dropped on death. I also thought medics never regened the extra health added from the number of medics on your team only by packing yourself ?

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I think the mod is great,

Was just wondering, is instant-prone an ETPUB thing or unique to the mod?
I haven't noticed this insta prone, I'm quite sure it shouldn't be enabled, what is happening specifically with this, is it just dropping straight to the ground without any animation?
Well Thunder, if you haven't noticed, things have changed from the original intent of the designers for a long time given that there are a few mods around for the game. If you are referring to the game play based on the ETPUB mod itself, well again we have changed quite a lot of things from that too, not to mention the fact that we have XP save. This is the main cause for so many changes needed from default because otherwise the game is no fun for anyone. We already removed things like adrenaline for medics alongside other changes in weapon damages to try and even it up again and allow for the XP save.

So while I understand your points, for you to say something should be X way instead of Y way because that is the way you feel about it, you need to understand that this server has been continually evolving over 4 or more years now and that most changes to the mod and cvars are made after lots of discussion and trial periods.

As I said before, the fact that medics aren't regenerating is probably a good thing and something no one has really brought up in the past.

Just so you know BR the sniper damage has not been reset to 50 and it still does 55 damage.

Also with regard to people spawning with 100 HP with max 100 HP in the first round (despite having medics) i noticed that - in a small game, when bots joined the game I went from having 100/100 HP as a nonmedic with no medics on my team to having 100/110 HP when a single bot medic joined my team. I was then able to be packed up to 110 HP successfully by the bot so I think that's the way it's supposed to work normally. It's just really weird how sometimes people spawn with 100/100 HP in the first round even if they have medics on their team. They should at least be able to be packed up to 110 or 120 or 125 HP. When this problem happens it shows them as having about 70% on the health bar. I'll keep an eye out for this bug in future and take a screenie of it if it ever happens again. Also when medics get revived they don't get full HP and the regen is supposed to give them the last 15 HP so I think in that case the server is working fine sans the regen. With respect to health bars again, it shows slightly less than full because of the battlesense fix thing i.e. if they had that extra 15 HP it would show full health correctly. That's not a major issue, however, the spawning with 100 HP bug is the real weird thing.


Here's one screenie which shows that I have 100 HP at the start of a round and at least one medic on my team (I know I had at least 2 on my team).


So this is rampy who I spectated having 100 HP who was killed and then revived in battle. Suddenly he went from 100/100 HP to having 120/120 after the revive.


Here's our sexy model matilda showing off the really weird bug of having 110/110 HP with 3 medics on his team. In the first picture note that the health bar shows he has about 75% of his HP (apparantly).


Here's what matilda's health bar should look like if his HP was correct i.e. if he didn't have the first round HP bug except this is lessmen showing off his yoga moves. I think this one is called the praying Chilean.


Here's another sexy model showing that when you haven't got battlesense 3 your health bar appears to be completely full. This is for comaprison with the picture of lessmen. It's the ideal situation but the other way is fine. The major problem is the weird spawning with incorrect HP thing.
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