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Suggestions, Complaints & Server Status


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Hey all you Minecraftians!
what a pleasant day it is in blockville, forecast today, no rain, I hate rain, I also hate night time, so their is a 75% chance night time will never come! Which is fine.

I just want to make a few things clear:
If you have any issues, problems or find that the server is down or white-listed feel free to contact us at several different locations:

Email: [email protected]

Forums: MelonGeed
Email: [email protected]

Forums: cccdfern
Email: [email protected]

Forums: phillgates2
Email: [email protected]

Forums: CowsWithGuns

ABLUEX (Dale248)
Email: [email protected]

*I will not add those on skype who don't have legitimate problems :)

Please feel free to message me or contact me anyway you see fit, please though, no spam otherwise I will kick your bum into the nether.

Please, only suggestions, complaints and other thingys. I will answer them as soon as possible.

Thank you,
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I would like to bring up the oppression that is budder.

What is budder you may ask? well, its a trick question. This generation of minecrafters has been brainwashed by youtube videos giving them misinformation about minecraft and what is in it.None of these, is as ridiculous and oppressive as budder. Budder is a dubbed term for gold in a series of youtube videos known as skydoesminecraft. If i could stop sky from making his brainwashing videos i could but because of my lack of ability to make him stop, i will attempt to suppress his presence in minecraft servers across the world.

If you don't know who this "skydoesminecraft" is, check out this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czYBPSZrUK8 . This...... this makes me cringe. i will not stand to have this nickname.

What is Budder? budder is a concentrated form of THC, or the active ingredient of marijuana This is not important, just a fun fact.

Of course, I have a plan to fight the oppression. There is a certain plug-in on this server. The plugin changes curse words into less offensive words. I humbly request this plug-in be utilized to change the following (budder, butter, buter, buderbddr) into gold. This will save me many painful cringes that usually end up with me crying on the ground with tears of cringe worrying about the next generation of steves. Please admins, we all know what must be done.

But you, and only you have the chance to make history and sit among the likes of other greats in history, such as Gandhi, MLK jr., Genghis Kahn, Queen Elizabeth, George Washington, Paul Revere, Abraham Lincon, Thomas Edison, Tessatjuuh, Albert Einstien, Robert Kraft, Ted Williams, David Beckham (for you euros ;D), Walter White, and Mr. T. does this sound like you? You could be on this list. all you have to do is stop the oppression, fight the strong and wrong, make them weak and meek.

You know you want to, what is stopping you from fighting for your rights?
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One more problem i have encountered would be that non-faction memebers can usr trapped chests in enemy territory. I believe this can easily be fixed in the factions config
Guys, Godapples and their low price has completley ruined the pvp aspect of the server. can you guys please increase the price or remove them from purchase?


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Well, yes they are just a tad too cheap, but atm only one person has actually bought them (recently)

We will take them down for a price check.
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Lovedone Perks + Trusted rank.

I think it would be a good idea to get the trusted rank back based purely on the fact that it gives some players a 'reason' to come on OZ more.

I also think that Lovedone's should be able to have 2-3 sethomes, as except for the item package and mob disguise, you don't really get a lot of perks due to the amount of money you spend on the rank. And last but not least, there're a few issues with the new faction update/plug in, I won't go into much detail but one of the major errors is that we cannot do /f claim. It says 'Error: your claim must be connected to your first claim!' Thanks for reading, sinderley.
A couple of fellow players an I had an idea for a class based pvp arena system, I'd like to just throw the idea out there but i can get more specific with plugins and even would be pleased to create the custom classes and such. an example of this is battlenight, but that seems to have gotten outdated

-thanks, HertZ


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For the problem which is eggs that are purchased in the shop despawning, if you name them with a name tag they will not despawn unless you kill them or something else does.