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Whatever happened to............

Discussion in 'The General Hall' started by Akh-Horus, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Akh-Horus

    Akh-Horus Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Over the years of ET, people have come and gone from the community. Some have been silent and just cruised along, others have regaled us with tales and talents galore.

    There have been noticable legends of the community, some left with a Hi Ho Silver, others just disconnected and have never been seen again.

    So - what happened to the ones that left? Did something happen to them in real life and if so - what was it? Did they simply change their etkey and id and keep playing? Did they give gaming away entirely? Or do they play other games and if so - which ones and under what id?

    Will be interesting to see responses.....
  2. Akh-Horus

    Akh-Horus Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Hmmmm have I put something offensive in here? The sounds of silence.............
  3. phillgates2

    phillgates2 Administrator Staff Member

    lol na you haven't dont think people want to be know i think :D well i was phillgates2, <UO>phillgates2, -OZ-phillgates2 now (overseer) -OZ-phillgates2 :D
  4. cccdfern

    cccdfern Administrator Staff Member

    mm, few things I know for when I started.
    • Can't remember what name I used
    • Friend got me into it - eviljimmysix
    • Rippa always had the most xp
    • Playing was bliss, so many servers, all filled to the brim
    • Mostly no xpsave
    • Lots of fun interesting maps/map-scripts
    • Found oz
  5. JoKeR

    JoKeR Well-Known Member

    Hey Horrie.

    Quite a few oldschool players pop onto the server from time to time. The old group of players from about 2-3 years ago have pretty much disappeared (guys like Bonza, Death Reincarnated, Rippa, Sempy, Mavrik, Benedict, DoT, POD ect...)

    Unfortunatley the server just isn't the same anymore, too many GA geeks are playing on OZ now. Plus there is a new wave of trolls that are unfunny and unwitty, just say the same things over and over.

    Most i'd say have just moved on from the game to new ones.

    It's quite sad though, i miss the old days. Players weren't so serious and admins weren't so anal. I remember these forums were full of interesting threads. Back when the OZ community was at it's peak. The server was usually full as well from 8 onwards every night.

    Also the maps were changed regularly so there was good variety on the server.

    I need to find a new game :<.
  6. Akh-Horus

    Akh-Horus Well-Known Member Staff Member

    So how about the history of the people we know or remember?
  7. JoKeR

    JoKeR Well-Known Member

    Well Bambi had a baby lol. She comes on now and again. POD usually just comes on if i'm on, he works in his family business now (I think they sell cars or something)
  8. Bandido

    Bandido Well-Known Member

    Azzab was on last night, also Ange put in an appearance dont see him much any more. And JRD went to Thailand for a holiday to be never heard of since.
  9. noobItUp

    noobItUp Super Moderator Staff Member

    guys i'd love to see online:

    herr uberpazer
    rule of bookz


    chmmr:smb was good value too


    did anyone mention frog?!?
  10. Lucky

    Lucky TF2 Leader

    What about good old Fraggle and |kit|?
  11. Akh-Horus

    Akh-Horus Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Keep them coming guys, would be nice to get updates on people too.
  12. noobItUp

    noobItUp Super Moderator Staff Member

    Fraggle and kit !rq after fraggle got booted from oz for some behavior unbefitting of an oz member.
  13. Lucky

    Lucky TF2 Leader

    Oh so that's what happened to fraggle and kit. I thought they just stopped playing altogether.
  14. Joke :D

    Joke :D Well-Known Member

    Yeah Frog's gone MIA unfortunately, the posts from him and people like CHRONIC and thewholecake were fooking hilarious.

    Fleks was killed in a car accident a year or so ago :(

    Apparently skankymoe messages BR every-now-and-then. I miss him and his antics, and then getting PM's from trigger saying "oi i know how to give skanky the shits" and 5 seconds later you'd hear skank swearing his head off in vent at trigger. Or when we'd play human artillery and he'd !fling and !lol us over the wall of supply. So many lols were had with that guy.

    I see Happy every now and then, I gave him ET on a usb but idk if he'll start playing again. I've missed giving shit to people like bluffy and bigmac and dav|d - back when the forums were green and black. Golden days of OZ imo
  15. Bogan

    Bogan Well-Known Member

    Whatever happened to Alch3my? he was a huge laugh
  16. Akh-Horus

    Akh-Horus Well-Known Member Staff Member

    He's still around, was talking to him a few weeks ago on vent, good bloke for a laugh :)
  17. JoKeR

    JoKeR Well-Known Member

    Alch3my was a psycho lol. He threatened at one point to come over to New Zealand and kill me. Still cracks me up when i think of the binds suNn came up with for him :DDD

    Lestat is another crazy cat, i think he found a girlfriend at some point and decided to quit ET. Still can't believe he was ever let into oz LOL, i think he might have even been an admin at some point.
  18. keith

    keith Well-Known Member

    Lestat had a problem with alcohol abuse, iirc. You could tell when by his behaviour when he was sober and when he was not. I think he had tried being clean and "off the wagon" around the time he was accepted into OZ, but as history tells us, it did not last long.

    I hope he is all right now.

    OZ was at its peak during the time Ulti was banned for having fluorescent skins, when everyone on OGN hated OZ, and when BR was accused of being a hacker constantly due to his presence on PBBans. IMO.
  19. Akh-Horus

    Akh-Horus Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Those were good days - OGN was rampant and OZ the little annoying brother as such. Time rolled on and look what happened - OGN ET has been gone for years now and OZ continues unabated.

    Lestat - he had good days and bad. I dont think he was the ogre that everyone made out at all, just and alcohol problem and he had the guts to leave ET rather than continue like he was. You cant give a guy more credit I think.

    Keep the replies going!
  20. Rainbow

    Rainbow Well-Known Member

    i miss <<steady>>


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