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Apologies for recent....

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I'm going to lock this if I remember how after I finish this.

I've played on here, as well as playing ET for a long time. Always liked to think of myself as bit of normal sorta bloke, liked a laugh as well as a frag fest. ET has been a great release of tension for years no matter how much I got pew pewd by the better players.

In the last 2 to 3 months I havent been on the server as much as I would have, which is weird as I have been off work since February.

I love the anonymosity of this.

I have suffered complex PTSD because of work, with dramatic mood swings and anger issues being the norm, weird for me I have to tell you. I have been involved in quite a few situations over my career and after being almost stabbed again, I have had a break down.

I have taken it out on a few people who play ET on OZ and to those people I openly and publicly apologise. I am not going to make any excuses, I have handed out a bit which was uncalled for.

Joker - although you have been guilty as hell of abusing people, nothing excuses the curry I have given you in the last few weeks. I apologise as it was uncalled for and you acted more maturally than I which is great considering I am more than twice your age from memory. Anyone else I hung it on, I apologise to you as well.

I have no idea if my real life career is over or not which is hard after doing it for 20 years. I am working towards getting back.

Anyway - enough. I am going to lock this. If I act like a dickhead on the server, bear with me till my head is back where it needs to be. If my actions call for - shit, boot me from the clan, ban me, whatever, its a game and if I am acting like a chump take the appropriate action.


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horus iv known you since <UO> days you are a great bloke wouldn't have you any other way

from time to time we all get like this at least you have come out and said that (first road to recovery admitting things and talking about it)

take as much time as you need to recover come on the server every now and then it is ok


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