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[Steam] Festive Steam Giveaway

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SO when you login to steam there's this new inventory, and I've even had a few inquiries about it. So simply this is how it works.

Steam have a bunch of random prizes to give away, how do you get them? You get them by completing special achievements in game or within steam. For example, if you do a trade through steam (not tf2 trade a normal trade), then you can either get 2 things, a piece of coal OR a random mini gift.

The mini gifts are often vouchers on steam games like 33% off any valve game, yes you can win the occasional game though. The coal is pretty cool too though. It's black and hard and if you get 7 pieces you can trade it in for a steam random gift). But that's not the only thing! You can also save up your coal and if you leave them in your inventory it puts you in the draw to win (for each piece of coal you have), EVERY SINGLE GAME ON STEAM EVER!!, Then there's a bunch of other draws it also puts you into such as win top 10, top 5 and win one game off steam.

In total from memory there's over 1500 prizes to be won for the draws and every time you complete an achievement you can win a whole game or piece of coal or as previously discussed a mini gift (voucher or such).

Each day for the next 3 or 4 days (3 or 4 have already past since writing this), 5 or 6 achievements for that day is released to try and be completed. The best part is you can also complete the previous achievements for the previous days and still get the prizes.

I'd recommend jumping in and trying these, most of the game achievements are actually quite hard, but theres easy ones like join a group (a specific one steam has for xmas) and open you xmas inventory).

Kudos to Carnage for trading 1 piece of coal for 1 piece of coal to help me get one of the achievements and winning 33% of any valve game AND for explaining to me the whole thing while brushing my teeth on the phone! XD

Merry Christmas - Let us know what you win!