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The Elder Scrolls: Online!!

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I know it's been way too long since I've made a post around these parts, sorry life has eaten my time (well not really RL but that's for a different post). I was so proud of quitting WoW, slowing down on PC Gaming, and sort of being rid of any urges of pre-exam ET, and then three reddit posts later last week I saw it, TES: Online!

So what started out as a "that's cool" Ended up taking up the last 4 hours of my time desperately searching for gameplay trailers and any possible way for beta testing/playing. I succumbed to just a big folder of pictures so far named Pron on my computer now on my Desktop to hopefully stop anyone noticing my latest obsession.


Ok so I've read a lot here, but basically from what I've read so far it's very similar to Wow's setup. Do quests of particular levels per area. So you can't do a level 60 quest in a level 5 area and vice versa. This Dome/level based approached is fairly similar to most MMORPG's though. Apparently to start with your characters max level will be 60 and that there will be some sort of end game leaderboard, to what has been fairly unclear to the looks so far, But I get a feeling it will be just raiding and battlefields similar to Wow as well.


Apparently a buttload of lore is going into this game. Since the game is based 10000 years before Skyrim (I hope that numbers right), there's all this pre-Tamriel stuff (Tamriel being the world where all the locations of all the games were in). I have no idea on this really, but it's good to see this has potential for proficient intellectual battles of History of a made up place, as Wow did primarily in it's rising days.

Servers/Characters Tranferring

For me personally this is quite the make it or break for me, I hated the idea that I joined a server and if a mate joined another I could never really play with him unelss i started a character new on his world, now this all changed I"m quite sure with Wow, but TOS plans to change this dramatically where you can SEE anyone in your world who you know. Apparenlty there will be some funky sort of cloud server system running where you'll just be smashed onto the next server if you're friend and you are nearby each other, which is most exciting since this is a real drawback of all Big Multiplayer games I've found.

Races and Skills

Ok this being the 4th topic probably should have been the 1st.. anyway. So this is the interesting part which splits away from Wow a bit. So in Wow you have Alliance and Horde, but to go a bit crazy TES: Online have THREE factions. Ebonheart Pact , Aldmeri Dimion, and Daggerfall Covenant (the evil guys it looks like Equivelant of Horde it seems). The Ebonheart Pact look like human equivelants and the Aldmeri and just some weirdo in between faction look like the mystical hidden group that's going to have some insane Lore and BS about them to be honest, but thier races looks cool!

So there are 9 races you can choose, three from each faction, these are respectively listed here: http://au.ign.com/wikis/elder-scrolls-online/Races

TL;DR - 9 Races 3 for each faction so far.

The most interesting part is apparent'y there's not going to be any of this heavy mail for big chars only. Anyone can weild or wear anything so this will be very interesting and leads me to question will there be race specific items even? There are skill trees so will this be expanding or limiting uniqueness I'm unsure just yet but looking forward to it.

Signup for Beta

If you want a chance at it take it serisouly and answer it like you would a job application. I spent way to long mine, but the more details and "experience" you have there better chance they list you as having a chance at being a BETA tester, the application is open already but they're not announcing if you beta tester just yet.