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Yahoo NBN

Finally got it and without any of the horror stories I had read about other experiences with the install process. Although the dude I spoke to initially said to just plug the new modem DSL cable straight into my current ADSL line splitter no worries mate. Luckily while I was waiting for the install I checked TPG's site which said this was a big no-no, so that could have led to a fairly frustrating scenario.

TPG promises 43Mbps DL for their mid-range NBN plan but I am actually pulling ~47 and that's ~4x faster than the old ADSL. But the eye-opener is the upload speed - it's faster than my old DL and ~22x the old upload. Plus no more monthly data cap, and no more forking out $45/mth to Telstra for land-line rental that was only used for internet access. And the NBN plan is $10/mth cheaper than the old ADSL plan so woot.

All worth the wait. If it is this good with FTTN, imagine what FTTP would have been be like ...

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er ain't got one - unlimited af data :cool:

edit: I forgot to mention that with an 18 month contract, they throw in the Wifi-5G modem for nix, otherwise $99.
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Dam, thats pretty fine.

I think we are on 1.5 wireless nbn with unlimited for 75, afaik we didn't get much choice. Faster with super small cap or unlimited with adsl2 speeds. humbug