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PSA: Dont Tail Gate or this could happen!


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So over the weekend, my bro and a couple mates went for a cruise on freeways and some scenic roads along the coast.
It wasn't the best of days, bit overcast with patches of damp spots but overall conditions were moderate.
We were driving on one of these hilly scenic routes where the limit was about 80km/hr with lots of curves, crests, twists and turns.
About mid-way through the journey my brother was at the helm, I was teaching him the intricacies of feathering the throttle when some tard decided to tail gate us.
At first it wasn't really a problem until we hit some twisty bends with crests where you literally couldn't see what was over the peak of the hill.
For 5 - 10mins everything was fine then we hit probably the 8th crest then suddenly some guy on his bike stacked it in the middle of the road and my bro slammed on the brakes just in time.
Unfortunately for the tard tail gating he couldn't stop in time and bare backed us at about 70km/hr.
This is the aftermath of the incident.

So remember kids, don't tail gate especially when the car infront is equipped with carbon ceramic brakes!

P.S - Also make sure you have insurance because the tard who slammed us didnt and he will be paying for his mistake for a long time.


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Yeah, i was saying to butty, that I used to know a guy that was on the wrong end of an incident like this back when he was an apprentice. Obviously an apprentice doesn't pull in a lot of cash so he didn't have insurance. It happened in his teens and he was still paying it off into his 30s.


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You need extended third party from an insurance company to cover damage to other peoples property.The third party in your rego covers tac claims etc.
Cheers boges


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-OZ-superMINGE said:
I thought 3rd party insurance was mandatory in Aussie? and is paid for in the rego?
Third party and general insurance may only payout a percentage of claims depending on your cover.
You pretty much have to read the fine print on the amount your insurance is willing to fork out on a claim regardless of whose at fault as most will have a cap before giving you the cold shoulder whilst laughing at your misfortune.


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timewilltell said:

sif its your car lmao, what bank you rob? above is for 2009 model
Errrrr.....It's never wise to jump to conclusions....

No offence, but some of us aren't still in high-school :)
I have no doubt whatsoever that it's nelots car ... at least one of them ;-)


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Damn thats nice Cheekz, glad you got rid of that pos merc.

When you bringing it to the Goldy?
we'll hit the spit for some good times :)

Oh, and lol at timewilltell, pop your head back in the sand pls junior :-_-


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-OZ-superMINGE said:
how do I do it lol
Pro tip to get rich quick....... have more than one source of income and pay $100 to get your taxes done by an 'accountant' :D

timewilltell said:
sif its your car lmao, what bank you rob? above is for 2009 model
Its actually a 2010 model so you'll need to add another tenner to that price tag and as ama stated, not everyone here is still in high school.

G-Train said:
Damn thats nice Cheekz, glad you got rid of that pos merc.
I still have the merc fgt! :banana:

Joke :D

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we did this to my mates Hyandai Excel that he got for $1000