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Stopwatch mode on ET server

Discussion in 'Wolfenstein: ET' started by Pug, May 16, 2018.

  1. Pug

    Pug Member

    Waddup my dudes, so a few of us on the server tonight were talking about mixing things up on the ET server by adding a stopwatch mode that we could /callvote on and off occasionally. Seems like we've got a bit of support from the regulars and it would be a nice break from 30min deathmatches every night. Let me know what you think...
  2. gbt:)

    gbt:) Member

    I mean it's a good idea, with the level of whinging that you get from some of the people on that server tho I feel like it would be more trouble than what it's worth.
    Also, it is apparently against the rules to rush the objective.. I was kicked for doing that the other day so it kind of defeats the purpose
    That being said, if you can somehow enable etpro when stopwatch is loaded I would be on board. SW with etpub would be stupid.
  3. cccdfern

    cccdfern Administrator Staff Member

    Loading another mod would require a reboot, so not really feasible there
  4. Trigger Happy

    Trigger Happy Moderator

    Hmm I thought it might be something like that. If it isn't a complicated process, I'm happy to learn the process and throw it on if there is enough support. It may be better to be handled by admins anyway just to help keep the peace on the server.

    Let me know what you think / if it's possible otherwise maybe a future something we can look at one day if we have access to a free server we can play with

  5. .pengu

    .pengu New Member

    I just wanted to say that I think this is what the server needs to make it interesting. Nobody plays objective because allies get 20+ minutes to complete a map that should be finished in <10. So there's this unspoken rule not to play too hard until the last 5 minutes. This ruins much of what made this game so great - teamplay and strategy. As its currently set up everyone plays deathmatch, so the only fun that can be had is to play to increase your own stats or do novelty with the crazy group ( triggs lemr etc :D ).

    I have no clue about the technical side of making a vote to change the server to stopwatch. But if we changed it so that stopwatch is on by default, then people can just vote nextmap whenever they don't feel like playing stopwatch. It would work in the same way how bots are on by default, but everyone can vote if they want them disabled. Same for stopwatch.

    Does pub support stopwatch though? I don't mind if its pub + stopwatch. It would still be loads more fun than pub + deathmatch. Stopwatch doesn't mean the game has to be taken seriously, it just gives players something to play for instead of stats.

    Also while I'm here, wanted to say thanks to all of you who keep the server running.
  6. phillgates2

    phillgates2 Administrator Staff Member

    We can make a vote for stopwatch; the only problem is that it will only do a standard config, while we run a custom config on the server which stopwatch won't execute when the map is finished.

    But I should be able to test to make sure that I might be wrong :D. With etpub and pro, they are 2 different mods which we would have to change at the host config and do a reboot
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  7. phillgates2

    phillgates2 Administrator Staff Member

    Ok, so changing the game type to stopwatch disables the vote map, so if we do a stopwatch it will be a defined map rotation. If we did do a stopwatch eg aldernest - fueldump - battery - etc so it is doable.
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  8. phillgates2

    phillgates2 Administrator Staff Member

    ok my plan worked for stopwatch but would have to do a 6 map campaign, so to activate it you need to click on vote for competition settings to go back just have to vote for public settings cant vote for maps :( after the 6 maps are done it will go back to normal on its own
    the campaign is





    these can be changed
  9. phillgates2

    phillgates2 Administrator Staff Member

    i think i know why it did not work pengu did not set the map cfg up right :D
  10. .pengu

    .pengu New Member

    Awesome. So it works now or you haven't tested yet?
  11. phillgates2

    phillgates2 Administrator Staff Member

    have not tested it yet been busy doing other things :D
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