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  • et server ftp back up the host had some issues should be all fixed now

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    Horrible tearing in ET..only it's not real tearing afaik.

    Have you tried running your monitor at a lower refresh rate and seeing if that makes a difference? Another idea - no real clue if this is even working anymore but give http://www.etlegacy.com/ a go.
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    Maps 2015

    Nice mate.
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    Cufffs aimbot

    Demo contains conclusive evidence aimbotting. Cuffs needs to be banned. We need to keep the issue of hacking and stacking completely separate.
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    ET not working Choppy sound and low fps

    Try r_primitives 2
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    Sniper Guide

    Been meaning to throw this together for a while. I'll attempt to explain some of the sniping basics and a few settings/mouse movements that will help you along the way. 1. The Setup com_maxfps 71 Reduces the recoil experienced after firing a scoped shot. I recommend returning to your normal...
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    trouble - aimbot

    His bad movement and mouse positioning while reacting to information about enemy positions that he cannot possibly know make this one pretty obvious in my opinion.
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    Mess APP

    Hey Sardoo. Nice to see you around again. Planning on making an ET comeback? :o
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    Mess APP

    Only took me 6 years!
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    Mess APP

    Not sure how I missed that. Updated the OP for you! I'll write up a sniper guide if all goes to plan :)
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    Mess APP

    Gday! I've been playing on this server since it first got put online. Been playing ET on and off since it was released; In game names - Messenjah, Mess, JAHMON etc Id like to apply for OZ to join your ranks and help see ET through its last days. Extra details - Help us get to know you. I...
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    Maps 2014

    I quite like the system the F|A servers use. Everyone gets 3 votes on a massive list of maps. Any chance of implementing that on the Pub server?
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    Me and my mate JoKeR

    How lovely :)
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    Map Poll - To Remove

    Add eagles into the map pool so we have the pleasure of voting to remove it.
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    Map Poll - To Remove

    I'm voting to remove goldrush-gals and replace it with original goldrush.
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    OZ Trailer

    Ran out of time for it unfortunately. I have the demos that got sent to me on my old PC somewhere. I can pass them on when I find them.