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Your Favorite: Song?

Discussion in 'The General Hall' started by WickedFizz, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. WickedFizz

    WickedFizz New Member

    Hello -OZ- Members and Regulars i am WickedJizz.

    Going thru my 21k songs on my computer today/tonight (whatever) and thought...
    "Fcuk me, There is alot of random, pieces of shit 'music' that i'll never and i REPEAT ever listen to".

    Than after 30 odd minutes of deleting music by "Mika", "Ke$ha", "Jeffery Star" & "Aaron Carter" Just to name a few... I witnessed my favorite song ever and believe me that's a achievement because narrowing down to one single song to be deemed your favorite is a hefty skill because their is some juicy, sexy as hell music out there.

    My Favorite Song -
    [spoiler:somwp8xl]The Script - For The First Time[/spoiler:somwp8xl]
    (Don't hate! Almost was "Nickleback - I'd Come For You)

    You know the drill - Favorite song, I'm actually curious to know.

    - The Jizz
  2. Antagonist

    Antagonist New Member

    WTF is wrong with you
    /wrists and /quitlife
  3. WickedFizz

    WickedFizz New Member

    I said almost, I think they're talented to be honest, I couldn't care less what one hater of theirs once said.

    Although if i ever have to hear "Rockstar" again /wrists /quitlife!
  4. noobItUp

    noobItUp Super Moderator Staff Member

    Seriously fizz, doing a fave song fred and then mentioning nickleback was always going to result in flames.

    In any case, i would offer more fave bands than songs.

    Acceptable listening in noob's opinion:

    Faith no more
    Alice in chains
    Rage against the machine

    Thats right, I don't listen to anything new!
  5. WickedFizz

    WickedFizz New Member

    :L I understand where you are coming from, Apparently all their music sounds the same (?)

    Although the song i pointed out has a genuine meaning and is actually a powerful song, I'd never let a Bands past jeopardize a great story that is that song. :)
  6. Antagonist

    Antagonist New Member

    lol save it for your christian forums with triggerhawk k
    im sure Priest toucheskids likes nicklebad

    no offense but there a horrible band and im sure i wont be the last to say it :>
  7. micky

    micky New Member

    Best of You - Foo Fighters.

    Fav Album at the moment: Wasting Light - Foo Fighters

    Fav Artist at the moment: Foo Fighters.

    Just Foo Fighters. Cant go much wrong.
  8. G-Train

    G-Train Active Member

    Achy breaky heart.
  9. Joke :D

    Joke :D Active Member


    Alter Bridge - One Day Remains
  10. nelots

    nelots Well-Known Member



    :banana: :banana:
  11. Synonym

    Synonym TF2 Leader

    It's incredibly hard to pick out a favourite song, however there have been a few favourites of mine that have remained over the years. Also, don't be hatin' :D

    Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen

    Kenny Rogers - The Gambler

    Meatloaf - I would do anything for love (but I won't do that)
  12. Lucky

    Lucky TF2 Leader

    Some of my best songs are

    liveing colour - Cult of personality

    Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak

    ACDC - Thunderstruck

    and...thats it :D
  13. JoKeR

    JoKeR Well-Known Member

    anything by the backstreet boys <3 xoxo
  14. MysticalFurball

    MysticalFurball New Member

    Cody Simpson <3 IYIYI!
  15. Rainbow

    Rainbow Member


    More interested in bands than just singles...

    Between the Buried and Me
    The Contortionist
    Animals as Leaders
    The Human Abstract
    Various Dubstep mixes

    Just to name a few.
  16. Black Racoon

    Black Racoon Head Poncho Staff Member

    My new favourite song as of 14 minutes ago.

  17. blusky

    blusky Active Member


  18. Sunncaeks

    Sunncaeks Active Member

    Not brutal enough, Joek.

    Also; No such thing.
  19. Synonym

    Synonym TF2 Leader

    Actually, forgot my all-time favourite song.

    Highway to the dangerzone.
  20. noobItUp

    noobItUp Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well i'll say that this thread has taught us a little more than we probably wanted to know about fizz.

    Almost as shocking as the time we found out that Joy knew that a vasectomy would make cum taste different.

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